A very good game of football on Saturday but Newcastle United ended up as losers in more ways than I’d like to think about.

The obvious one is in terms of the undeserved scoreline but that is only one of a pretty long list.

Injuries to both of our excellent centre-backs are crushing, especially if Steven Taylor’s proves to be a serious one as is feared.

Who know how different things could have been if the referee had done his job properly, the decision to only book David Luiz must be one of the most disgraceful actions of a referee, ever.

The only possible decision had to be a sending off and if Mike Dean isn’t demoted then what has he got to do to earn that sanction?

If Chelsea had gone down to ten men then I don’t think it is beyond the realms of possibility that United would now be three points better off.

Then with a potentially much easier task who is to say that then Coloccini and Taylor wouldn’t have had to go to their limits and end up injured?

The most predictable thing though has been the aftermath in the media.

Last week you couldn’t move for our penalty decision at Old Trafford being analysed over and over again, whether it was TV, newspapers, radio, websites or wherever.

I just had a look at the BBC Sport website and surprise surprise,  there is no mention on the home page and then the only reference to the key moment is hidden away in the match report.

So if instead of Demba Ba brought down it had been Drogba, Rooney….

  • Renee

    They pay the referee, Ashley doesn’t. He just sells players.

    • J Nelson

      Whats this got to do with Ashley?..Get a life!

  • J Nelson

    I think Pardew covered this most elequantly on Goals on Sunfay. The Ref told him afterwards he had made a mistake…wonderful

  • Anonymous

    I thought Pardew was great on the goals on Sunday. I wonder whether he could ensure to do a Fergie next time Dean is in town and tell him to go and be crap at another match instead of being allowed to ref here ever again. This ref is incompetent!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with your article, yet again a well written piece. If only this ref showed some b***s! this match would have gone in a different direction.

  • Mal

    It’s a pity Stuart Atwell hadn’t been refereeing our game. Also, unless I blinked or fell asleep, i don’t think it was even mentioned on MOD , either during or afterwards, that we lost Colo after less than half an hour. The BBC match report doesn’t mention it either nor the fact that Stephen Taylor had to go off and the 2nd and 3rd goals were scored when we were down to 10 men. Typical southern reporting.