We all have our favourite players but who are your most valuable eleven United players that you are desperate for the club not to sell and in what order?

Here are my personal eleven with the player I am most desperate to keep at  number  ‘1’ down  to number 11.

Who are your most valuable?

  1. Demba Ba
  2. Cheick Tiote
  3. Fabricio Coloccini
  4. Yohan Cabaye
  5. Tim Krul
  6. Steven Taylor
  7. Hatem Ben Arfa
  8. Jonas Gutierrez
  9. Davide Santon
  10. Fraser Forster
  11. Sylvain Marveaux
  • Ozt78

    Great. You have on the list who is tripe.

    You should replace him with Ryan Taylor… Maybe not for his defending but his sweet free kicks and shots.

    • Ozt78


  • Jeddbowman

    tripe? He’s only played one game or sumik man, give the kid a chance!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting stuff as it makes you realise how hard it is to name 11 players who you want to keep.
    Hard to judge between say Krul, Tiote and Ba because they all do different jobs but I have to ask, where was Alan Smith!!
    PS Agree with Jeddbowman, Marveaux has hardly had a chance and he showed quality in his little time on the pitch including that class lay-off for Cabaye to score against Wigan

  • Anonymous

    Hey ozt78 are you for real?
    Raylor tries his heart out but is pretty hopeless, look at whenever he’s had any half-decent player running at him like Wright-Phillips and Sturridge.
    Would never knock any player who tries as it isn’t their fault they are playing but we have to aim higher than spectacular goal hopeless full-back that is Raylor.

  • Guest

    I agree pretty much with the entire list above however, I think Cabaye is the rock in our centre midfield. Without Tiote, Danny Guthrie did an excellent job, without Cabaye we had to utilise Vuckic.

    For me it would be Demba, Cabaya, Colo, Krul, Tiote, Stevie Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Think Guest sums it up in his comment, it is those six players in almost any order, with Jonas next and the others with it all to prove.

  • Anonymous

    Shame we aren’t talking about the 11 players we hope to buy rather than the 11 we pray they don’t sell!

  • Anonymous

    The worry for us is that we all more or less agree with our most valuable players as we have nothing on the bench to really rival that list! And that top 11 is likely to be diminished in January. brace yourselves for a tough 2nd part of the season.

  • Tonntom68

    Im not sure there are 11 in the squad that fit the catagory of “must keep”.
    1 Ba
    2 Coloccini
    3 Krul
    4 Cabaye
    5 Tiote (on this seasons form,wouldve been 1st or 2nd in Aug.)
    6 Taylor (S)
    7 Ben Arfa (assuming he gets fully fit)

    Thats about it for me.

  • Anonymous

    I sort of agree with you but I would put Krul 2nd after Ba as without those 2 we would not be where we are and Cabaye before Tiote as I feel Cabaye makes Tiote a better player ( I feel Cabaye made Guthrie tick) .I look forward to doing this again towards the end of the season. I ve got this feeling that Ben Arfa could be 1st, And if Ba is 2nd and Krul 3rd we are in the Chanpions League! My new year’s resolution BELIEVE IN THE TEAM always

  • Wardy 1963

    Keepers – Krul a must. (Possibly Forster as well)

    Defenders – Collo, Santon, Saylor, AND Raylor – as a right back replacement – for his FKs, delivery and crosses. Definitely no Willo, Simpson or Perch.

    Midfield, Cabaye, Vuckic, Marveaux, Jonas (if he remembers how to play), (Ferguson. Tiote – only if he can rediscover fitness / form of last season – otherwise he’s Chelsea’s for £20M+. Obertan must go. Sammy needs to prove himself

    Strikers Ba (Brill) Ben Arfa (such skill!). Shola, Loven, Best must go

    That’s just about 11. Too many being picked who do not justify their place. Pardew needs to learn to be ruthless. Tonight was a fluky goal, but spoilt by the performances of too many!

  • Anonymous

    Wardy is talking my language, can just about scrape together a first eleven but gid knows who you would have to include to get it up to 18 players you’d really want.

  • Anonymous

    Got this terrible sinking feeling after seeing Pardew interviewed at Anfield. Definitely stuff going on in background and my money is on Tiote or Coloccini going and only thing that might stop them selling Ba in summer is if he gets a Ben Arfa type serious injury or doesn’t score another goal from now on and nobody wants him.

  • Tone Army

    No danny simpson? lad has worked hard all season and hardly put a foot wrong.. I think you are all looking at it slightly wrong, we have enjoyed a good spell because the team has been performing well as a unit, showed togetherness & determination on occasion, fair enouugh the wheels have fell of a little but the fixture & injury/suspension list has started to take its toll.. if we were to keep just the squad we have at least we will have a squad who know and understand each other & would have a decent shout at finishing around where we are now.

    Idealy Ashley decides to punt for europe and adds the 2 or 3 players we need to cope.

    we can hope…