Who is to blame for recent results, James Perch? Gabriel Obertan?

There were people at the match last night almost literally bursting blood vessels as they screamed at Obertan, even when another player had knocked a ball twenty yards past him…or when the lass at the bar spilt their pints!

From what I can see, Perch is a tryer who isn’t good enough for the Premier League, Obertan is a player with a level of ability and a lot of pace but seemingly little confidence.

In an ideal world it would be good if neither were in the team at the minute but life is far from ideal most of the time at St.James’ Park.

Maybe some of you blame Pardew but with the team set-up last night I could understand regularly bypassing the midfield in Cabaye’s absence. It shows how much we miss the Frenchman because he is our playmaker, Vuckic showed some flashes of very good play but clearly wasn’t capable of replicating Cabaye’s constant pass and move which links the team play.

If anybody is to blame then it would be Mike Ashley, two or three extra players were definitely needed in the summer and Alan Pardew wasn’t given them to support a very fragile squad.

We have what we have until replacements come in, whenever that may be, if at all.

Hatem Ben Arfa’s cameo has put a marker down and surely we have to go with his quirks rather than the honest but normally fruitless endeavour of Best.

  • John

    it is easy to blame ashley and yes he could provide more players for the squad, but for me obertan has the ability but it seems like he doesnt want to just push the ball past the full back and use his pace instead he checks back and we have to start again, surely as a winger his job is to provide for the strikers and at the minute we have 2 wingers who dont cross the ball. how demba ba has as many goals as he does is a credit to his finishing ,his goal to chance ratio must be very high.
    for me we need obertan to be more positive and when 1 v 1 against his full back with space in behind he needs to go for it and commit the full back. otherwise he needs replaced as it is slowing the team down.

  • Anonymous

    wise up.
    we are doomed, we will go down, the squad is the size and quality of the first division.
    That is Ashley’s fault.
    Go home to Spurs you loser.

  • Paulsoulsby

    these knuckleheads need to stay away, did they watch any football in season 2009/2009 ? Blame brains the owner but don’t have a go at a hard working group of players, if only to stop me calling you all cunts after the game

  • Pete

    I agree with Paul. There are group of moaners that sit next to me. In years gone by it was Robert that they slagged off. Last season it was Nolan.

    Now its Obertan, Perch… they don’t seem to be happy unless they’ve got something to moan about – and on Wednesday night it was even Pardew that was getting a slagging.

    When I suggested to one of them that it might be the owner who was to blame for the plight of a paper thin squad most pundits had warned us about, he replied something like “Ugh, you always say that!”

    Funnily enough, when I said something similar at 0-3 after 15mins versus Arsenal in February the same lad replied “Why aren’t you boycotting, then?” Ten minutes later he and his whinging cohorts had all stomped off out of the ground themselves. Strange logic!