In recent times the squad has creaked and groaned but just about held together despite the sheer number of matches and the quality of opposition recently.

On Saturday the team/squad has maybe drifted a bit more towards breaking point.

A small squad has been held together by half a dozen or strong individuals and they are starting to drop alarmingly.

Especially up the spine of the team Newcastle have been very strong, Tim Krul at one end with Demba Ba  at the other, and two cracking pairings in between.

Obviously Tiote has been a big miss over the last month and more, while we now face being without our two real leaders at the back.

Coloccini will hopefully not be too bad but Steven Taylor could potentially be out long-term.

With the African Nations Cup edging closer, even if Tiote gets back to fitness we’ll lose him for up to six or so matches, same with Demba Ba.

Out of that spine we could be left with Tim Krul and Cabaye, team strengthening is essential in the transfer window, it is the very least support Alan Pardew deserves.

Defeats to Manchester City and Chelsea need not be fatal, just a minor dip in what still potentially is a major leap forward season.

  • Taylor is out for the season. Just been confirmed on the official site.

  • Anonymous

    Our team cannot take those injuries. According to Pardew we will know the extent of the injury on Monday but it does not look good in any case. Poor lad he has been so influencial in our back 4 he will be gutted. I wish him to bounce back soon

  • Mal

    This unfortunately has been an accident waiting to happen as far as our central defenders are concerned. To lose one of them would have been a disaster but both – we are really in it now and this is all as a result of MA and DL not willing to go the extra mile and give Pardew a squad with some decent depth. Ryan Taylor’s shortcomings were cruelly exposed on saturday when he didn’t have Jonas to help him out and teams will continue to target him as he is the obvious weakness defensively, though he has done a good job overall. I just don’t know what kind of back 4 we can put out next week – December is going to be tough and the price has already gone up for any central defenders we want to sign in January.