As the January transfer window gets ever closer, speculation as to possible ins and outs is certainly hotting up.

Yesterday Alan Pardew set out the position with regard to Cheick Tiote and I suppose you have to admire his honesty!

“We value Cheick very highly here and I expect him to stay…but that does not mean to say something might not come out of the fire. If he did go, it would have to be for a silly price”.

The Ivory Coaster cost £3.5m eighteen months ago  and so we are back to a scenario of, ’we are not looking to sell Chieck Tiote but if somebody gives us lots of money…’.

The problem is though that the manager clearly doesn’t want to sell Tiote and if his best players keep getting sold from under him, how can he build a team and have a long-term plan?

“We value Cheick very highly here and I expect him to stay…but that does not mean to say something might not come out of the fire. If he did go, it would have to be for a silly price”.

There is a big debt (in terms of cash) sitting there in money owed by the club to Mike Ashley but that has accumulated due to him paying over the odds for the club and then making a series of terrible decisions which made relegation a reality.

Recent dealings at the club such as Premier League TV cash and selling the likes of Carroll, Barton, Nolan, Enrique etc with resultant transfer fees and getting high earners away, should surely mean Newcastle United don’t HAVE TO sell players if the manager doesn’t want to lose them?

I think some people also get a bit carried away with this supposed revolutionary transfer policy of buying low selling high.

Surely every club looks for value in the transfer market and it then depends on the people you have working the market on behalf of the club and the attractiveness of NUFC as a destination.

Yes there have been major successes with the likes of Tiote, Ba and Cabaye but for various reasons players such as Obertan, Marveaux, Ben Arfa and Santon are yet to fulfil expectations.

It isn’t an exact science and you will win some/ lose some and hope you come out on top.

Selling your best players is like selling the family silver, one day you have a look in the cupboard and there’s nowt left!

Surely for a club of Newcastle’s potential the hard part should be identifying the right players to bring in, not struggling to keep them.

  • Mal

    Spurs made a stand with Modic in the summer despite the offer of ‘silly money’ and it has paid off for them. Why can’t we be the same. I’m all for us not PAYING silly fees for players, but that doesn’t mean we have to sell every time we get a decent offer for a player. There’s surely a time when you have to build rather than destroy – we have done our destroying and now it’s time to keep our good players and add to the squad.
    If we do sell Tiote (regretfully it seems likely) can we please sign a replacement first – that would be novel.

  • Guest

    Aren’t all clubs selling clubs?
    Things move on in football and all clubs buy and sell. The real issue is whether we maintain and improve standards or not and in fiarness to the much maligned ownership they have a structure in place and so far it has worked quite well. The team we watch today play good football and equally importantly display a great attitude.Compare that to the days when we were a “buying ” club, spending money we didn’t really have on players like Bumsong,Luque,Owen etc etc.
    No room for complaceny if we are to maintain our progress but to brand us a selling club is a bit one dimensional and somewhat misses the point.

  • Oxo

    Tiote has made it clear he wants to stay. Pardew has made it clear he wants Tiote to stay. If Tiote is sold it is down to one man only and is a clear statement as to his intent for the club. Our great start to the season is clearly faltering because of a ridiculously thin squad. If anyone is sold then direct debits are to be cancelled by end of February to avoid commitment for next year as I see no point in supporting this club if we cannot retain the core players of the fantastic group we currently have giving their all for our club.

    • Mjhedley66

      Are you the Oxo that went to Marden 77-82?