Do Newcastle need to bring in extra players?

Should they have signed these players in the summer?

Can United attract the extra players the manager desperately needs?

Has Mike Ashley any intention of supporting the manager with new players?

Questions, questions, questions; will we as fans still be scratching our heads at the end of January or banging them off a brick wall?

Alan Pardew has reflected on the difficulties of dealing in this transfer window;

“We are having to look at our squad because we are stretched, especially defensively. We have made some calls to try to find out who is available, but it’s a difficult window. You want to try to get a good player in a window when teams don’t want to lose their good players, so it’s not just difficult for us, it’s difficult for every team. You locate a player, but then they have got to get a replacement and is another first-team going to let a replacement go? There’s a knock-on effect”.

We all know from past experience that January isn’t the best time to look for bargains and  as the manager outlines above, why would teams let key players leave if they can’t get a replacement?

Obviously Newcastle have done exactly that with the likes of Given and Carroll allowed to leave without replacements.

Whatever the merits of the transfer fee received for the pony-tailed one, at that time we desperately needed another striker to play alongside Carroll and a year on we still desperately need another one to play with our main attacking force, in this case the outstanding Demba Ba.

It was false economy in the summer when Ashley didn’t sanction at least one more striker and defender. How much are the points worth that have gone missing when we’ve had to play the likes of Perch, Lovenkrands and Shola, plus I’d even add Leon Best to that lkist because for all his workrate he is not a front line striker.

West Brom’s Shane Long isn’t a world beater but he is clearly head and shoulders above our lot, with the exception of Ba obviously and Ben Arfa who I don’t count as an out and out striker.

With somebody like Long and a similar standard defender we could easily have had 6 or 7 more points and be sitting in fourth!

There were great foundations to build on and the chance was missed in the summer, bearing in mind the African Nations coming up rebuilding work is needed this January as an essential.

Failure to do so could well see things really fall apart, not just a few matches lost.

  • Mal

    It is pretty clear from our transfer dealings that MA and DL know nothing about how to run a football club. It was pretty obvious to all and sundry that we needed another central defender and another striker signed in the summer. We all knew (and this isn’t just in hindsight) that we would be struggling as soon as either Colo or Stephen Taylor got injured – you cannot play in the premier league without proper central defenders. Strikers such as Shola and Lovens are simply not up to Premier League standard and it’s almost unbelievable that we are apparently not going to sign a striker in January – just where are the goals going to come from when Ba goes off in January (and/or gets injured).
    Pardew and his squad have done amazing despite recent setbacks. It really is time for Ashley to spend some of the massive sums he’s received to give pardew a decent squad – 2 or 3 acquisitions (and no sales) and we could still finish in a european place. We aren’t asking for massive big money signings – but a reinvestment of £10-£15million of the money that’s been generated since last January might pay for itself. We’ll never get anywhere if we sell our best players.

  • BazzaDeaf

    On Christmas Eve, Mike Ashley was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. He saw himself in his youth watching at St James Park, the Entertainers and how happy we were. The Ghost of Christmas Present showed him the fans dancing in the streets, carrying him on their shoulders after winning the Champion`s League. Then with the Ghost of Christmas Future, he saw an empty and desolated Sport Direct Arena, and a cursed pitch that refused to accept his cremated ashes.

    What will happen on Christmas Morning?

  • Pheedee

    When will you people wake up ? Under Ashley we will not be aiming for anything other than survival . To wake up to this fact of course , would mean making a decision as to whether or not you attend matches with Ashley in charge. Most of you are chicken shits and will find any reason no matter how pathetic to still attend , but the only way Ashely is leaving , is if the club becomes a significant drain on his resources . The only way that this will happen is if people rediscover their balls and refuse to fund Ashleys continued presence . Dont buy a season ticket or a match ticket until he leaves . Nothing else will shift the fat bastard . To do otherwise is to condemn this club to mediocrity forever .