We need your help to compile a definitive list of which journalists, newspapers, magazines, radio stations and tv channels, or other organisations, use St.James’ Park or S***** D***** A****.

We will regularly update the list and bring you the good, the bad and the ugly.

We need your help, whenever you see or hear references to our stadium please send us the full details and we’ll add them to our ever growing list.

Who is with us, or against us?

  • Paul Soulsby

    Wheys Keys Louises mob are still calling it St James’ Park, I was a liitle suprised to see that the lefty Independent called it the SDA, less so the Torygraph

  • Oxo

    The guardian in their live update were not calling it St Janes.

    • Mjhedley66

      Are you the Oxo that I used to go to school with?

  • Wilbur1979

    Sky sports news call it sda

  • Gary Linney

    Before Saturday’s game with Swansea, Talk Sport pre-match banter mentioned they were “going to St. James’ Park” not just once but twice… just to rub it in, Ashley!
    Well done Talk Sport.
    BBC MOTD and Sky Sports have chickened out, both calling it s**t direct arena. I can’t even type it let alone say it!!!

    St. James’ and the Toon for ever!

  • Gary Linney

    The Mail (online) did a piece on the excellent Gary Speed tribute tha took place before the match on Saturday, quote “at St James’ Park, recently renamed S***s D****t Arena.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2075532/Newcastle-legend-Alan-Shearer-joins-family-Gary-Speed-tribute.html#ixzz1gw83Fiya

  • B Mcqueen

    The Swansea match report was located at “SDA” in the Sunday Times while Brian McNally in the Sunday Mirror had us playing quite correctly at St James’ Park. Reporting as asked to the Mag bunker but not sure there is anything left that can actually “shame” News International …….!

  • Ande_walsh

    Some weeks ago that odious prick Rob Beesley made a point of standing by his fat mate Ashley & argued with his peers about the S***** D***** A**** on Sunday Supplement. The ‘peers’ roundly moaned at Beesley for being a nob I am glad to say.

  • Bob Y.

    Christian Miles host for Fox Soccer Channel in the U.S. is referring to it as the S***** D***** A****, made even worse by the fact that his studio colleague/’expert’ summarizer is Warren Barton !

  • Anon
  • Gary Linney

    Ha, it seems the a**eholes that run nufc.co.ck can’t even decide…this is what you get when you click the link to the ‘stadium’;


    FOREVER St.James’

  • Gary Linney

    oh aye, apparently NUFC.co.ck still do a “behind the scenes look at St. James’ Park”. It’s embarrassing or is it an intentional joke?

  • Oxo

    All sorts of references in club shop to St James with only cheap temporary sports direct (is f*[email protected] sh&%e) stickers behind tills. Seems Ashley is prepared to sell our history but not respect it.

    By the way why as supporters are we being so accepting of the fat man selling such a gem as Tiote, not too mention Colocinni? When does this stop, sell either and I can’t see any point. Despite supporting the club for 38 years sell either of them then thats it for me.

  • Kevin Bell

    1945: We’re under way at Villa Park. And also at the Sports Direct Arena.

    taken from the bbc live text

  • GeordieJohn

    SkySports Scorecentre – the match facts section gave the venue as the bastardised jumble sale name, however, the fella doing the live text, William Esler, used the correct name throughout his commentary. I even got the impression that he was finding excuses to slip ‘St James’ Park’ into the text!

  • Warren Dearmouth

    Gary Lineker called it SDA and then said afterwards That’s SJP to you and me! MoTd commentator continually called it SJP as well.