In advance of tonight’s match, ex-Newcastle player Jose Enrique talked about why he left;

“I had very good moments there … They have amazing fans, it is an amazing city. I still love Newcastle and will do all my life. But I play for Liverpool now and I want three points because it is important that we get them”.

“I hope the fans understand why I moved. I gave everything for Newcastle, I always gave 100% and nobody can say any different. I played in the Championship after they got relegated. I wanted to stay and help because I was part of the reason that we dropped out of the division”.

“But an opportunity to play for Liverpool came along and I couldn’t refuse it. We are one of the best teams in Europe. You cannot say no when a team like Liverpool comes for you”.

“They sold a lot of players … when you sell a lot of players, normally the team drops a little bit but they are doing really well. Demba Ba has come in and is on fire this season. They are doing really well and I am happy for them”.

Should every player who leaves St.James’ Park get treated the same?

No doubt some of you will boo Enrique tonight but to me he was a class player who simply didn’t believe Mike Ashley shared the same ambitions as him for Newcastle United (How many of us believe Mike Ashley shares our ambitions for Newcastle United?).

A class player who I loved to watch, he never gave less than 100% and was more than happy to stay and help deal with the fallout of relegation. What is there not to like and respect?

  • DJ

    I think with some it was the way he played for a move towards the end of his NUFC career towards the back end of last of season. Fantastic talent though, and i’m very greatful he stayed in the Championship.

    • Guzzi

      I used to think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread

      But he obviously wanted away to a ‘bigger club’???

      Well fuck him and the train he rode in on. The plastic Scouse dago bastard

  • walkerbootboy

    Well the way I see it is: he was shite in his first season got relegated the second,found his feet in the championship (stayed because no one else would pay that kind of wage) gave it the “ill stay if we stay up” then didn’t n dragged his feet n tried to hold us to ransom
    He gave 100% (and call me crazy) but I EXPECT that from a professional footballer. And his “we’re one of the best teams in europe” shite is laughable and has annoyed me even more, one of teams in europe? Howay man get a grip jose!

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree with whoever wrote this, Jose was top notch.
    Sorry Walkerbootboy but you’re falling for the Ashley/Llambias crap of blaming any player who leaves rather than them for their lack of ambition.

    • walkerbootboy

      Im certainly not falling for that grantvp and he was class in his last season (and in the championship) but as I remembrr it bassong was the one teams were after not jose, I dont buy the “i stayed when I couldve been playing for ….” Shite, noone would pay those wages for him at that time, he’d had 1 shit season and one canny one, I remember people slaggin fatsam for “wasting money” on him!
      he dragged his heels (lowering his price as time went on) cause he knew lpool wanted him and he wanted to go, we were a stepping stone, he has never even mentioned fatty, infact fatty was his perfect excuse imo,his reasons for leaving are that he wanted to play for a “bigger club” or “one of the best teams in europe” as he puts it, he wouldve left no matter who we bought or sold, all im saying is dont look at his time at the toon through rose tinted glasses as if he was a world beater the whole time, cause he wasnt, he just wasnt. I can see why he left at the time but I dont want to hear how big lpool are when hes giving his reasons for leaving and in my eyes hes done himself more harm than good with that crack imo,

  • Anonymous

    Alongside ba he is bargain of this season, think him and Santon would make one of best Toon pair of full-backs ever, if only.

  • Paul Soulsby

    He was excellant for us, walkerbootboy, You are crazy, see Owen. M and Duff. D, Jose has maybe a view of LFC that is a couple of decades out of date but I wouldn’t slag any bugger for not wanting to be part of Mikes world. For me ex players who did it for us will always be welcomed back, Sir Les moved to tears and Ned Kelly being applauded on to the field as a sub in the derby game spring to mind, thiose players that chose to have a little dig on leaving have come in for stick, Waddle springs to mind. I do hope Jose never gets any stick off our fans, hes a world away from gutless shithouse like Owen and Duff and we should remember that.

    • walkerbootboy

      Mebyz im just bitter paul, but I do see his patter as a dig. Im still seathing he left and dont doubt his quality im still gutted, im not saying “he was shit anyway” or nowt but he wasnt class the whole time like he ended up class. I dont have the same feelings toward carroll,nolan or barton mebyz im wrong. Im all for the likes of sir les getting a good reception and proud of it but sumik just doesnt ring true with jose

  • Anonymous

    The problem will resurface with our current crop of players when they realise that Ashley does not really care about positions and trophies but just to stay in the premier league until his financial books are balanced in his favour. one thing(the only thing in fact) he has understood about Geordies is that they will stay true to the team whatever…so why should he bother spending to get a better team…you need money and passion. he has the former but never will have the latter for Newcastle. Enrique should not be booed, he only did what many would have done with Ashley in charge.

  • walkerbootboy

    Im in no way pro ashley btw the bloke disgusts me infact id gladly pull his toenails oot! but credit where its due if I had too choose between spending 90m on carroll henderon and suarez in a public show of “ambition” or take tiote cabaye and ba for the price of a bag of chips id go with the latter anyday. Dont confuse ambition with stupidity, we’ve been there got the tshirt (and aye the greedy t?at needs to get his hand in his pocket I agree but sometimes slowly slowly catch a monkey is best)

  • Anonymous

    He left because the club showed no ambition,the next one will be Coloccini because no silly salaries will be paid when he wants to extend his contract.

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