With the rise of the Premier League football became so so fashionable again, the average bloke/blokette in the street will now generally claim to have allegiance to some club, whereas back in the day a lot of people looked down on football supporters.

Funnily enough a lot of the celebrities ‘support’ a small list of teams, clubs which might not tie in with where they grew up….

At Newcastle we have had a pretty mixed bunch, definitely on the genuine side are people like Ant & Dec, Robson Green and the ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ Geordie contingent.

Certain others might have disappeared once Keegan and/or Sir Bobby left, while you have strange ones like Norman Wisdom who was seemingly claimed by half the league clubs as one of ‘their’ celebrity fans.

Sometimes it is the more unusual ones who turn out to be the most hardcore, Delia Smith and Stephen Fry wouldn’t have struck many as natural football supporters but at Norwich City they have shown massive commitment and financial backing, especially in Delia’s case.

Who would you put in the celebrity fan collection at Newcastle United and who would be your frauds?

  • guest

    Freddy Roach is a celebrity toon fan, and what a celebrity fan

  • Andy

    Tony Blair- Fraud. Makes me cringe to think of that bellend claiming to be one of us.

  • Lizard

    Norman Wisdom was definitely one of us – he used to come and sit in the West Stand behind where I stood in the Paddock quite regularly back in the 70s/80s.
    Blair is definitely a fraud. I once spent about an hour stood next to him on a platform at Central Station. We’d been playing Arsenal on a Sunday. He was Shadow Employment Minister at the time, and we were both waiting for the train down to London ready for the working week. I was there in my toon top so it was obvious I’d been at the match. There was hardly anyone else on the platform, so you could hardly avoid exchanging pleasantries. But not once did he even mention the toon or ask what the match had been like. No real fan would have done that.

  • Tone Army

    Sultan of brunei reportedly a lifelong toon fan = Fraud, nobody with that amount of spare change could sit back and watch the club be relegated & rebranded etc without stepping in..

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to think Kevin Whately and Tim Healey have more than a passing interest; I remember Kevin messing up a recording of Auf Weidersehen Pet because the scene included a radio playing a match commentary and Newcastle scored. For that matter, Ian La Frenais is a Monkseaton lad who mentioned Newcastle players in several episodes of AWP and Whatever happened to the Likely Lads?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and not to forget (who could?) Gabby Logan.