I must admit to being a bit underwhelmed when Gabriel Obertan put pen to paper and signed for Newcastle United.

I could never quite work out what Manchester United had seen in him, not when they have the money and sway to attract almost any player. He made regular substitute appearances for the Mancs but seemed to have little end product, bit of a headless chicken.

As time has gone on though Obertan has grown on me and while he hasn’t been pulling up any trees, I do feel he made a decent contribution to our early season form. A bit like Jonas he can carry the ball quickly up the pitch and relieve pressure, while the first half at Old Trafford was undoubtedly his best form so far as he gave Evra a tough time by repeatedly getting to the byline and getting crosses in.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to find consistency and he has definitely been marked down as a scapegoat by many, even when we were  unbeaten!

For my money he is lacking confidence and if he could only understand that if he belted past the full-back time after time I think he would become a valuable asset for the team and a better player all round.

In a young player confidence and the time to develop it are all important, will the supporters give him that time though?

  • Anonymous

    Too early to tell yet, he shows little glimpses, but tends to be more of a hinderance than a help

  • Anonymous

    Seems to have a great first touch but doesn’t get past anyone. Lot’s of stepovers and stuff but no end product yet! Got to give him a chance though.

  • ToonPacShakur

    loads of pace but cannot beat a man, needs to use it more, and needs a football brain

  • steve

    shall we say the same for Gosling, or just admit now that he is utter tosh??????

  • John

    I think darthtone is spot on. Too early to tell. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Guitierrez after the same amount of time. Obertan doesn’t look completely confident but that won’t change if people start getting on his back. He’s got the pace but definitely has to get the ball into the box a hell of a lot more instead of getting half a yard on a defender then stopping again. He just needs to get it whipped in. Let Ba do the rest!

  • Tone army

    the lad is a liability, he will lose the ball 10x more than he will produce anything noteworthy, he has pace but sadly no vision or end product.

    please mr obertan, prove me wrong.