Video ‘highlights’ of recent trips to Bolton were a bit thin on the ground so we went a little further back in time for a classic match.

It was a different era (FA Cup 5th Round 1976), a different stadium (Burnden Park), different conditions (a proper cut up muddy pitch) but a quality match.

Step forward that slightly(!) annoying bloke off Real Radio’s Three Legends to score a couple, including possibly his finest ever goal?

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  • DM Robson

    Remember the day well. Worked in nearby Warrington and went to ground and could only get Bolton end tickets. Got in our end, no bother after the turnstile operator had the sense to recognise the accent, and understood why I had tickets for the other end.
    Who remembers the traffic jams from both ways to get to the Elland Road 2nd replay? Total chaos … was I right in thinking it wasn’t an all ticket match?
    Oh yes! Supermac’s goal was one never to forget but great to say ” I was there”
    Doug Robson

  • Percy Street

    My first away game and altogether slightly more memorable than being in attendance last year for our 1-5 self destruct. Remember being on a big open terrace at t’other end from where Mac notched.

    It was a fantastic strike by Supermac but I’m sure (if creaking memory serves) that someone may recall a better one – a belter against Leicester at SJP (1974 I think). I wasn’t there (I was travelling back from hols from Scarborough international) No footage exists of it as far as I aware, not all games were filmed then – we can watch Hereford for ever but nowt of that – life eh?!

  • toonfootsoldier

    i was there supermac was outstanding so was the support