Dear Mag,

Why can’t the club ever handle anything right, why can’t they just be up front with things? To try and sneak the renaming stuff out in the international break was simply amateur hour, especially when it contradicted what they said two years ago with regard to ‘St.James’ Park’ always being in the name.

Send in the clowns!

Joe Lightfoot

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt look like theres anyone with any influence at the club has any idea how to run a tuck shop,surely when you keep on alienating your ‘customers’,and repeatedly slapping them in the face then keep expecting their hard earned cash,sooner or later youre gonna run out of customers, lets hope its sooner an he sells up

  • Anonymous

    maybe ashley just doesnt care, and is using the club as a financial springboard to buy up other business’, bought cruz flannels and usc,round about the time the £35mil went missing