Torres cost £50m and Carroll £35, only Sergio Aguero at £38m separates them and he is a success.

So far Torres and Carroll have failed, the question is why? The answer is not yet clear, is it mental, is it physical, or is it injury?

Torres, although a lightweight, had form. He had been a success, his talent recognised. Carroll had achieved less but had huge potential, demonstrated by playing well in a struggling England team.

Torres may be weighed down by the expectations at Chelsea and that the team he joined was an ageing and declining force, both Drogba and Anelka’s form had dipped for the same reasons.

Torres will surely come again if Abramovich rebuilds the team. With Carroll, we well know his form off the pitch, is he fit? If his lifestyle is a handicap you would expect Kenny Dalglish to sort him out. My money says he will and that Carroll’s potential will be realised.

Carroll has more attributes than Alan Shearer ever had, except perhaps mental strength. On reflection I had better make that an each way bet.

Excerpt Big money transfers don’t always work out, as we know to our cost.

Has Carroll really got more potential than Shearer….?

  • gussie

    More attributes than Alan Shearer ever had – are you having a laugh? Or mixing up the injury-ravaged mid-30s Shearer with the best striker in world football as he was before the achilles injury at Everton? Shearer was quick, clever, a great finisher and remodelled his style as he aged. Carroll has great potential, would have him back tomorrow, but he will never hit the heights of Shearer ’96 vintage.

  • Wardy 1963

    A simple answer – No.

  • Mal

    Well they do say football is all about opinions, but I’d be surprised if you find any toon supporters who would agree with your Shearer/Carroll view. If I recall, Shearer scored a hat trick on his debut in the top division (against Arsenal?) – when he was 17.