Welcome to the first Tyne Talk of the brand new Mag website, this is where you’ll find the viewpoint of the editorial team.

There will be articles appearing regularly because as we all know, there’s rarely a dull moment at St.James’ park.

We will be looking to drive debate and you will have the chance to comment whenever we put a new article in the Tyne Talk section.

A big thank you to everybody who has helped us reach this point and the website is a tribute to the pooling of many talents. Our challenge now is to do all of those efforts justice.

All for the love of Newcastle United.

  • Dawn Trotter


  • Welcome!

  • Rea

    Wow . . . a website dedicated to our football club; its history, its heroes, its headlines, old and new.
    CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve just given the fans what they want and deserve . . . . a voice!

  • Malcolmshiels

    Well what will i do now over here in the Middle East – the battle lines are drawn – what website should i go to first mmmmm .com, or tf, or now the mag – you sods for making my life more difficult ha ha – welcome guys, Malcolm Shiels

  • Paul K

    Congratulations. This website is awesome

  • Jamie Smith

    Wow am in cybertron! Quality Mark!

  • Martyn Sampson

    Mag living in Wales.. This website has moved me closer to home and the toon. whoop whoop

  • Anonymous

    A big Fan Cue from Germany!

  • Cgarza

    I love it! As a supporter in the USA! I can keep up with all the news as if I was still there. Thank you!

  • FGB Leedsmag

    Another great source of info on all things Toon. Ta Hinnies.

  • Singapore Mags

    The webs the way to go especially to reach us exiles who need more quality options to feed our nufc habit. Question is can you displace nufc.com as my home page. :-)

  • AT

    Great to see the Mag on the web, especially for an exile. Any chance of Walker Dan making a reappearance in t-shirt form?

  • Duncan

    Good to see The Mag on-line and some good reading about The Toon – but it will take a lot to get anywhere close to replacing nufc.com as the first place to go…. Surprised that your “Links” section doesn’t point to nufc.com given they always give space to The Mag and pointed me here in the first place :-)