I know it is early days and certainly nobody wants to jinx him but what a season Tim Krul is having.

His reaction saves are dare I say it, in the ‘ Shay Given Class’ at the moment, while he is looking more and more assured with every passing game.

The one possible criticism of Shay Given was that he didn’t come often enough to meet crosses into the box, though I do feel that in his later seasons he went a long way to fixing that and his ability to punch the ball clear was a valuable addition to his game.

Tim Krul though looks potentially to have it all as he is comfortable coming off his line and so far has made very few mistakes so far when he has left the relative safety of his line.

The fact that he is also a fixture in the Dutch national squad tells us that it isn’t only the citizens of Newcastle that have noted his ability and progress, plus you may or may not have noted that Holland are currently ranked second in the world.

The world is literally at Tim’s feet and at only 23 he could be breaking all kinds of records in both club and international football. The evidence of the naked eye combined with everything written about Krul, suggests that he is somebody with his feet very much planted on the ground.

As always with players showing promise in our current position, the double-edged sword in this instance is that the more one of our players stands out, does it mean we will be in danger of losing them?

The spine of the current team is looking very very good and Tim Krul is proving as valuable as anybody, let’s hope the future’s bright, the future’s orange…and black & white.

  • Tim Krul deserves the accolade coming his way. He has been rock solid and a big reason why we are where we are in the league. Long may continue.

  • Mal

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE sign him up on a long term contract. Collo and Simpson have had offers – why not Krul? Get your finger out Derek.

  • Wardy 1963

    I thought Tim looked great all the way back to his first few games. Although only 23, he could easily have been our Number 1 last year. Let’s just hope that we will benefit from the longevity that most keepers enjoy – and that he is prepared to give us at least another 4 years to see if we can achieve what he wants to achieve in club football. Even at 27, if we haven’t moved on, he would still be young enough then to have at least 10 more years at the top. BUT I HOPE HE STAYS ALL HIS CAREER!