The Sunday newspapers brought us news of Derek Llambias allegedly spouting nonsense in a ‘Gastro’ bar.

Reading between the lines he’s obviously been approached by some fans and come out with all guns blazing in defence of his and Mike Ashley’s position, not realising somebody was recording it.

The claims appear to be along the lines of calling Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Chris Hughton and so on.

It all sounds very reminiscent of the Shepherd/Hall debacle back in the nineties, people in a privileged position letting themselves and the club down.

The reality for me though is that I don’t really care because I believe I know what these people think already, it is what they are actually doing that does my head in!

Whether it is the crass way they have handled this ‘renaming’ fiasco, or short-sighted decisions like getting rid of the singing section or taking the minimum number of away tickets for away matches, I just want them to get an understanding of how they should be dealing with their ‘customers’.

Another aspect I find disappointing is that the people running the club just haven’t had the nous to understand that it can only ever be a negative going up against such immense figures in United folklore as Shearer and Keegan.

Even if Mike Ashley was in any way right to feel aggrieved about anything Kevin Keegan or Alan Shearer had done, surely any PR consultant etc. would tell you straight away that the only sensible option is to keep your gob shut.

The history of Newcastle United though tells us that more often or not, influential people within the club will regularly struggle to keep it zipped.

Under Kevin Keegan and to an extent under Sir Bobby, we showed what is possible when everybody connected with Newcastle United pulls together. Maybe one day?

  • Buzza

    I don’t think national and/or local opinion is of any importance to them whatsoever. Mike Ashley stated thet he sees NUFC as a vehicle which can give sports direct more exposure in Asia.
    So if you think he gives a jot about what us lot think you are wrong! He will have an interest in the team doing “reasonably” well as this will also give him more exposure, so I can imagine his outlay for the team and supposed financial constraints will stay the same for the future (can’t be that bad).

  • Gone Jibson

    The minimun away ticket stance is purely revenge on behalf of Ashley/Lambias which goes to prove what a horrible pair of f*ck*rs they really are.

  • Speedy_02

    Just when you think it might not be as bad as it has been, they manage to put their feet in it again. A bit less contempt for the people paying their money to watch the club might be nice, but unlikely to be forthcoming.
    As Buzza says, the only hope we’ve got is that it’s in the interests of thier pockets that the club do well so our interests are aligned to a certain extent, but it’s a shame we couldn’t brick Llambias into the heritage wall…utter pillock.

  • John Johnson

    lots of money no class