I had an interesting conversation with my seven year old son and his friends the other day, which doesn’t happen very often!

Anyway, I was asking them about the previous match (they are all black and whiters!) and then posed the question – who are your favourite players?

With kids I automatically expected that Demba Ba would be popular with his goals and somebody like Tiote for his ‘enthusiastic’ tackling.

Players like Ba and Tiote were mentioned but several of them came up with an unexpected choice, step forward Ryan Taylor!

When questioned, it wasn’t just the cracking goals he’s scored, they also claimed that they thought he was a canny player as well.

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and now when I look back maybe I had some off the wall choices as heroes.

We can all pick the Alan Shearers and Kevin Keegans but I always had a soft spot for Warren Barton and Pancrate!

Would anybody else like to confess?

  • funny how some of my favs don’t get a mention either, Ando, Davey Mac, Kenny bones Wharton, Nicos Papivasilou.. who was dynamite by the way

  • Rich

    I always liked Hugo Viana – never really given the chance in his favoured position, I always felt he was under-rated. Unfortunately for him, he’s never hit the heights expected in his early days (“best ever prospect” from Sporting, at the same time as a certain young Cristiano was there…).

    Since I was a keeper when I was little (we’re only talking late 90s here), I always liked my fellow custodians best; Shaka was a legend, Perez was mad, Given, Harper and Krul are all quality keepers but there will only ever be one real Magpies keeper, and that’s Pavel Srnicek.

  • Andy_byrne1990

    ketsbia and solano for me. legends of the club. always gave 100% and would run all game.Also a soft spot for stuart pearce, came to us at the back end of a great career and still did a great job for us in a poor back four of the time



  • jonah

    A couple I liked recently are Abdoulaye Faye, who no-one seemed to notice, and Scott Parker, who no-one up here seems to have a good word for. Of course I love them all when they’re here and only get objective when they go, but they both did a good job for us.

    These days I think Jonas and Danny Simpson often get harshly judged as do both Taylors, Williamson and Lovenkrands, but there are always whingers. For some reason I always liked Ryan T ever since he was at Tranmere and Lovenkrands since he was at Rangers, which I won’t tell my family over the border about…

  • Ussy

    My nickname in school was Dabizas ! Was a big fan of his, and also played in defence

  • sgmag

    Think you’ve gone and jinxed him!

  • Steve A

    Stevie Watson, Local lad and workhorse