I’m often asked what is my favourite ever away game. To be honest it depends upon my mood and can vary depending upon where and when I’m asked the question, in particular the context of the question.

Best Atmosphere – Liverpool away FA Cup third round 1984, 15,000 Mags at Anfield despite the match being live on the TV on a Friday night. Standing on the seats, unforgettable. Lost 4-0.

Most Emotional – Derby away 1992 three men sent off, lost 4-1 to go bottom of the second division with 2 games to go. The players gave everything and the fans did in return, despite the prospect of third division football….of course the rest is history.

Most surreal – Monaco away…lost that one as well….10,000 Geordies singing,  “in your Monaco slums!’’

Greatest victory – given the circumstances, Liverpool away winning 2-1 in 1988. They were the team of the 80s, we got relegated.

Mackem victory –  Liam O’Brien over the wall, 2-1, promotion season of 1992/93. We went 11  wins out of 11. Magic, although to be fair there were plenty of derby matches to choose from.

For me personally though… my favourite away game was Arsenal away, week before Christmas 2001, under Bobby Robson, when we broke our ‘London hoodoo’ after 20 odd games where we’d failed to win down the smoke. A 3-1 victory, couple of sending offs, plenty of excitement.

It was a midweek game and our usual  away crowd who travelled week in week out from DougiesTavern and organised by Hash the Clash was down to 5 due to numerous reasons and we travelled by taxi. Having had a ‘few beers’ during the day we were ‘overwhelmed’ after our victory and rang literally everyone we knew after the game including those stuck at home who had been unable to make it.

Arriving home at approx  4am I was woken up at  7am by the Chronicle who wanted my view on our momentus victory……I gave a fairly short sharp response that didn’t feature in that night’s edition!

It was followed a couple of days later with a 4-3 victory away to Leeds after being 3-1 down with Nobby scoring a last minute winner, ensuring we went into Christmas top of the Premier League. Full minibus this time…nobody wanted to miss out.

What’s your favourite and why?

  • John

    For the atmosphere and the sheer scale of numbers travelling it would be the semi final of the cup in 2005. Spent the weekend in Cardiff and the banter was terrific, the numbers were amazing and it was just a brilliant day apart from the match! It seemed like the whole of Tyneside was there because of the amount of familiar faces we all bumped into.
    Most satisfying away performance would probably be West Brom away when Owen scored a brace and Shearer got one. Admittedly, not a great side to overcome but a game I had a feeling we might not get anything from. Brilliant following. Noisy until the end and a joy to watch two of England’s then greatest strikers putting the home team to the sword.

  • Ash

    Home Park, Plymouth, April 2010. Promotion sealed and a fantastic atmosphere, singing ‘We’re Newcastle nd we’re gonna win the league’ amongst others. Even though we had relegated them, the Argyle fans were brilliant and happy to congratulate us as we all invaded the pitch.

    Feel sorry for Argyle fans about what’s happened to them since, but a truly brilliant night.

  • Scotty From Shields

    I was at most of the games you mention. But for me Feyenoord and Bellamys last minute winner has to be my favourite away day – or 4 or 5 days in the ‘dam away.
    P3 W0 D0 L3 to P6 W3 D0 L3 and we quilified for the next stage.