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Gannin’ alaang the FIFA Road…

11 years ago

Gannin’alaang the FIFA Road… to see the Blatant Racists. 

Whilst the furore surrounding the frankly scandalous comments spewed forth by Sepp Blatter and John Terry recently should see them both stripped of all current privileges, what further separates Blather and JT from the rest of us…

In addition to their casual acceptance of the myth that the colour of their skin affords them a superiority denied their black colleagues, is their pathetic attempts to backtrack and deny their initial crimes, which simply highlights and underscores their innate lack of character in bold relief.

Newcastle United fans of a certain generation, and mine in particular, I’d argue, are fundamentally incapable of racism, certainly within the confines of a football stadium at least, and there is one irrefutable  explanation for that.

Sir Leslie Ferdinand remains the defining reason why discriminating against any footballer because of the colour of their skin is an entirely redundant pastime.

If, despite all of the available evidence, God turns out to exist after all (and boy, am I in trouble if that happens), and then, sorry Sepp (and John), he turns out to be a 6 foot black fella, which is just as credible as him actually existing in the first place, then chances are he will bear an uncanny resemblance to Les, anything else would be unthinkable.

Whilst for every Sir Les there’s a Magpie Ranger or a Titus Shambles, for each wayward young black professional rolling up in front of the magistrate on a weekly basis, there’s also an Andy Carroll   or a Wayne Rooney who are no stranger to the beak either. Is poor white trash too harsh a term?

It should be pointed out of course, that the stench of utter hypocrisy permeates this entire episode like the smell of a mackem the day before his annual bath (which may well be racist in tone but hopefully contains enough sideswipe humour to render any charges of discrimination irrelevant – and if not, just to clear the matter up for any knuckle-dragger who buys and reads a tabloid newspaper on a daily basis, I’M ONLY KIDDING, YOU NUMBSKULLS!!).

For The Sun, the daily bible of the stupid little Englander, to slaughter the clearly unhinged Blatter is akin to Wenger having a pop at Joey for simulation….pot, kettle and..well, why not…black.

Then there’s Anton’s brother Rio himself, leaping to his sibling’s defence on a horse so high you can barely see the ground from the saddle. This is the same individual who has been accused in the past of dodging drugs test, sleeping with scores of young ladies whilst in a long-term relationship and persuading his impressionable younger brother to sign for s********d, the horror, the horror.

That’s not to excuse the abhorrent verbal attack on his family member but he’s hardly a character witness I’d feel comfortable depending on if integrity and civility were the yardsticks of the day.

That said, and regardless of whether or not you feel that multiculturalism has been a successful experiment  in wider society within these shores, on the football field at least, as far as the universally positive effects of sporting integration are concerned, there is no debate, no debate, no debate and how can you consciously contemplate otherwise?

From Sir Les and Tino, past Andy Cole and John Barnes, (remember him?) all the way through to our 4 main strikers at the moment, black players (and let’s not forget that racism is not simply a black and white matter for we come in all shapes, sizes and hues), have played a key role in the history of the game and the success of our football club, and at no time has their genetic make-up been a topic for discussion. Why should it?

As I said that only covers the issue of the discrimination of black players, let alone the inclusion of men of other nationalities and religious/sexual orientation in our starting eleven (Nobby, Gavin Peacock, Justin Fashanu and mackems like Stephen Norman Howey spring immediately to mind).

Let’s get shot of the monumental knackers of this world like Blatter and send Terry back to the pond he clambered out of and get on with enjoying the one sport which has done more than any other human activity to unite mankind, and I’m wholeheartedly including mackems in that – the ones who can read anyway, (sorry, can’t help myself sometimes).

Geordies are black and white, and everything in between. Here endeth the lesson.


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