Look back at the past comments of managers like Ferguson and Wenger, I bet that 99% of praise for the opposition has come when Manchester United/Asrenal have won the matches.

You know the drill, ‘I have to give credit to blah blah blah, they battled well and did their manager proud but blah blah blah we still stuffed them’.

When the likes of Ferguson sees his team drop points there always has to be somebody to blame, no credit for somebody outwitting him and taking points away.

Unfortunately we have a press that is ever more subservient to the likes of Manchester United, the tail wags the dog and the likes of Ferguson dictates what is reported in the press.

Anybody who saw the full ninety minutes on Saturday will testify that Newcastle didn’t get a sniff from the referee. The only two decisions that had to be deliberated on and went our way came from the two linesmen. Firstly for the penalty and then when Hernandez was offside, both decisions took bottle to make and luckily for us the linesmen had it in them, TV replays later showed that the first decision was a mistake but the second was spot on. Did the referee have any bottle whatsoever? I doubt it.

I would hate to count up all the bad decisions we’ve had at Old Trafford in my thirty years plus of following Newcastle United, when decisions go incorrectly in favour of Ferguson he’s not exactly quick to acknowledge them.

Even the free-kick leading to their goal on Saturday was a total joke and wouldn’t have been given at the other end.

If Manchester United had been awarded a penalty like we got I bet the press wouldn’t have given it a tenth of the coverage it has got this weekend.

You know what though, the fact we got back into the game through such a decision is absolutely bloody hilarious!

  • Wardy 1963

    Spot on, never a penalty, but another great away day performance in Manchester.
    We can be very happy in our little corner of England, who cares about Man Ure, Alan Pardew is doing a great job of putting something very, very good together.
    Looking forward to next Saturday now!

  • Roscoe64

    Hi,id just like to say its great to see the mag finally aired online,even if its not in its full glory.Supporters like myself whom for circumstances beyond thier control can no longer go to matches or buy this superb illustration,as i did week in week out and every time the mag was printed.Unfortunately i hurt myself at work and the pennies have taken my god given right to follow the lads home and away so thanks guys for the online publication.Most welcome indeed.All the best and keep up the good work.

    Russ from Ryton.


  • Mal

    I can’t remember ferguson having a go at the linesman when he failed to spot TWO offside goals that were given against Chelsea earlier this season, which Man U won 3-1. And also, for some unknown reason, this barely merited a mention on tv or in the press despite tv replays showing them both to be clearly offside.

    • Tone army

      My Thoughts exactly Mal.. I remember watching a man-ure game about 8 years back, can’t re who they were playing? but they were moving towards goal, the ball is switched to the right wing where the man-u player controlled the ball with his arm, brings the ball down & plays it through to an offside player… the offside player taps the ball into the net…. goal should not stand right?.. wrong! even the commentators build up to the goal went.. “that looked like handball.. offside…. GOALLLLLLL… what a great goal for man utd” :o :o :o the ref never spots it (or at least pretends he did’nt) the goal stands and the handball/offside element of the goal is never mentioned by the man-u biased commentator who actually called the 2 fouls during real time, instead reffering to it as “magnificent build up play by man-ure” :/

  • Chris Ramshaw

    The man totally lacks class, funny how the only bad refereing decisions only go against Man U according to Ferguson. I had enough of the vomit inducing sycophantic crap which came out on the 25th anniversary of him being at Man U a few weeks ago. A Man U fan accused me of lack of respect for referring to him as Ferguson and not Sir Alex,I replied that was because I didn’t respect him, I don’t care how many things he has won, after 25 years and unlimited resources I would expect to have won a few trophies. Only two European Cups, one a fluke and the other a draw aet with all the money they have sums up why I think he’s not as great as the media would like us to believe