After 26 years (1988-2014) ‘The Mag’, the longest running and best selling independent Newcastle United magazine, was eventually retired to allow us to concentrate on bringing you the very best NUFC website possible.

However, those 26 years of quality writing and features on NUFC are not to be hidden away and ‘The Mag Revisited’ brings to life those past issues and years, highlighting poignant moments, thought-provoking articles and interviews with the most important figures in Newcastle United’s modern history.

Let’s Party Like It’s 1994

Issue 78 – May 1995

The 1994/95 season was fading to a disappointing close, Andy Cole had been sold mid-season and Newcastle missed out on a return trip to Europe.

Optimism wasn’t high and fans were left wondering if maybe Keegan’s revolution was stalling after such a promising few years.

Alan Shearer Interviewed

Issue 178 – 21 February 2004
A season where we’d fallen at the very last hurdle of Champions League qualification , we all needed a top interview to lift us.

Step forward Alan Shearer, the man who put his club before country. What greater love can a supporter show?


Issue 252 – 13 November 2010
If modern technology can spurn new words accepted by proper dictionaries, why can’t we get ours adopted?

Halloween 2010 was a very happy occasion which will send shivers down many a mackem’s spine, I give you 5under1and.

Kevin Keegan – Farewell

Issue 96 – January 1997
The unthinkable had happened, Kevin Keegan had left Newcastle United, Tyneside was ‘United’ in disbelief.

Only Kevin could decide enough was enough after watching his team knock in ten goals against Tottenham and Leeds.

Newcastle Fans v Media – The Endless Battle

Issue 153 – 12 January 2002
Going great guns on pitch and ended up Champions League qualifiers.

Halfway through the season, Deputy Editor and ‘Sweet Left Footer’ Chris Tait, felt he had to go into battle with the press, a never ending war it seems.

Alan Shearer – End Of An Era

Issue 205 – 3 June 2006
Some football occasions stick in the memory and this one did for every reason apart from what happened in the ninety minutes.

This was truly a momentous end of an era, we sent along the cynical Billy Furious to report back, did it get under even his skin.

The Problem With Kenny

Issue 105 – November 1997
The Mag secured an interview with Kenny a couple of months into the season and we went into great detail about the various aspects of the club, Dalglish’s reign ended up as disastrous but the interview was anything but.

Sir Bobby Robson – The Interview

Issue 233 – 1 February 2009
As everything came crashing down around our ears, a very welcome interlude was provided by our exclusive interview with Sir Bobby Robson.

A quite remarkable story provided by the black & white knight, what a legacy.

A Public Apology To Peter Beardsley

Issue 135 – June 2000
(Later to become ‘Sir’) Bobby Robson took over from Ruud Gullit and steadied the ship, Champions League football would have to wait for another day.

Here at The Mag we caught up with United legend Peter Beardsley in advance of Euro 2000 and chatted about Newcastle and England, in that order!

To this day I will always be baffled as to how he was ever asked whether Kieron Dyer was the new Peter Beardsley!

An Invitation To Visit Ant & Dec

Issue 164 – 21 December 2002
Life doesn’t get much better; Newcastle flying in the Champions League and due to head into Christmas top of the league, I said ‘top of the league…’. Then to round it off an invitation arrives to interview Ant & Dec, big Newcastle fans and they certainly didn’t let down the Mag readers when we caught up with them.