Midland Mag, originally from Shildon, who spends time coaching and taking my lads to play football, juggling family commitments and losing my temper at the wasted opportunity that is NUFC. I've had over 40 years of this!!

Is Pardew Capable Of Getting The Best Out Of His Players?

“Yes we will listen to your requests for players and buy none of them. We will sell any player for a profit at the drop of a hat. We will do anything to promote Sports Direct and do you mind working for an idiot? That’s wonderful, just sign here and we’ll pretend to offer you a long contract……..”

Relegation Would Be A Fitting End For Wigan

The Sky microphone picks up the cry of pain as soon as Haidara’s knee is smashed into. Disgusting. Perhaps even worse is the hero treatment afforded to the little thug as he leaves the pitch. A standing ovation from their fans and firm handshakes all round from his manager and the other clown stood next to him.

52,000 Could Have Predicted This

People say that you find out about people when the chips are down but I think we have found out a lot more about our owner and his mates when the chips were up. Worrying times lie ahead I reckon.

New System More Important Than New Players

So just be honest with the fans, Ashley and co. We are never going to spend even to the point of breaking even; players will always be sold so we are going to need to develop a system to cope with that.