Can Tim Krul Save The Penguins Every Week?

2 Seasons ago with an unheard of number of clean sheets, man of the match performances, and one man shows, Tim singlehandedly took us to Europe. OK , he may have used 2 hands at times, but I’m sure you get the point.

At that time he was heroic week in and week out, and our defence was then, as today, reminiscent of a box full of wind up penguins waddling around the box, at best just getting in the way of people.

I Can Understand The Cabaye Logic

Ashley has probably sat with JFK and Pardew and they have decided that with Remy on board and a few of the other players a little more settled, we can get through to January without being relegated.

Again, Mike probably hasn’t figured out yet that you can only be relegated at the end of the season, but that has to be a good thing surely.

Pardew And His Players – Beware Of Stalking Lions

My ongoing admiration for Tiote continues. I was tempted to just completely ignore anything that happened after 3-0 as the conditions were not typical, but he got mugged a couple of times in the second half, but that said it was probably 3 times less than the other players wearing Black and White.

Newcastle United Loving Transfer Window Bingo

But like the wet leaves and the wrong kind of snow, we get caught every year with the same thing.

Ideally we would have the same person doing the job long enough to learn from their mistakes. Oooh! I’m sure there’s a name for that….. errr…. ah yes…. stability!

Have You Fed The Goldfish?

A tad off the mark I fear. In the same video available on Youtube you can clearly hear the kids asking him if he’s going to Fulham, then another asks if he’s going to Newcastle.

He responds with, “we’ll see”, having previously told the kids he’ll be, “out of here in the next few days”.