This is how the Championship form table looks ahead of Ipswich v Newcastle.

You have to say on the face of it, it doesn’t look the most inspiring of contests.

Ipswich are in 13th place on form over the last half dozen games, whilst Newcastle are 15th.

Both clubs have a record of two wins, two draws and two losses.

When it comes to goals, Ipswich have manged more than one goal only twice in these six games, whilst with NUFC it is only one – the less than impressive 2-1 victory over Wigan.

The end of the season has become a bit of a struggle for Newcastle and despite a far far better performance against Leeds on Friday night, Rafa’s team managed only a single goal – despite 19 corners and 22 shots.

Whilst Newcastle have only picked up eight points from the last 18, Brighton are top of the form league with 15 from 18.

This has allowed Chris Hughton’s team to go past Newcastle and now stretch the gap to four points and only four games to go.

Newcastle have been fortunate that Huddersfield have also faltered and have three wins and three defeats in these past six matches.

If they’d matched Brighton’s form of five wins in six, they would now only be two points behind Newcastle United and with a game in hand.

Brighton host Wigan at 3pm, the same time as Ipswich v Newcastle, then it is Derby v Huddersfield at 5pm on Sky Sports.

Would be nice to see a similar level display as we saw against Leeds but with the goals to show for it, then sit back 11 points ahead of Huddersfield and be able to ‘enjoy’ their match

Championship form table over the past six matches:

Ipswich’s last six results with latest one listed first;

Burton 1 Ipswich 2

Fulham 3 Ipswich 1

Ipswich 3 Wigan o

Ipswich 1 Birmingham 1

Cardiff 3 Ipswich 1

Barnsley 1 Ipswich 1

Newcastle’s last six results also listed with the latest result first;

Newcastle 1 Leeds 1

Sheffield Wednesday 2 Newcastle 1

Newcastle 1 Burton 0

Newcastle 2 Wigan 1

Birmingham 0 Newcastle 0

Newcastle 1 Fulham 3

  • nevfur

    It’s all subjective of course, we played one of our best games of the season at home on Friday but very unluckily only drew. That draw was v 5th placed Leeds, one of the defeats was by only one goal away v sixth placed Sheff wed, the other defeat v seventh placed Fulham and immediately prior to these six games we took seven points out of nine all away v Brighton, Huddersfield and Reading. (First, third and fourth).
    Not saying we are in great form but the stats over the last six games don’t just tell the full story.
    Our points tally would have us promoted already most seasons and we still have four to play.
    The title may slip away but credit to Brighton, they have done really well. Worth remembering though that their team was already settled and championship experienced from the start.
    No point saying that if Huddersfield hadn’t faltered things would be much closer. All teams falter. If we hadn’t then they wouldn’t be any closer than they are now at best.
    Keep up fridays form and we will go up. Howay the lads.

    • Double Carpet

      Couldn’t agree more – but posting common sense like this will never catch on. What this site lives on is panic moan panic moan ad nauseum.

      And cue ……

    • nufcslf

      How about Blackburn doing the double or even worse, twice having 5 point leads at the top and now 7 adrift and hoping the next 2 below drop points to limp over the line to the prem. The running of the club is a joke and the furthest thing for fans that want to be entertained. If we do go up and don’t or fatty doesn’t allow the necessary changes, then I for one will be putting a little wager on going straight by down. Not a moaning minny, just won’t have the wool pulled over by fatty and co. The man is a cancer and nothing else.

      • nevfur

        He certainly reverted to form interfering in January although the way the market was and the way hippo heid was determined to mess us around I’m not sure we were going to get anyone decent anyway. If we had I think we would be up by now and fighting for the title.
        We certainly have found it harder than we hoped but it’s not easy when every game is the other teams first “cup final” for years.
        Still maintain that we would have been happy to scrape up if offered last summer, our current points total most seasons would have already done that and think (pray) that we will get more points and get there. Need to fully back the lads with our own “cup final” atmospheres till the end of the season to help lift them to get there.
        Pointless speculating about next years team until summer at least and feel that constant fan comments on how the players aren’t good enough for PL is not helpful when we are still in the fight to get there. Back them 100% to promotion whoever is in the team and worry about next season in the summer.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`s a fact that we haven`t played well in the 2nd half of the season, that`s why Rafa wanted 2 players in the window, well the Pie man put paid to that or we would have already been promoted. the Fat Lad & his Minions should leave it to the manager, he knows what he`s doing. the 3 Amigo`s Mike,Penfold & Carr don`t

    • disqus_KhnZFEY6Z5

      When was the last time Newcastle had a good second half of a season? Last season saw the car crash under McClaren. The previous season Carver lost pretty much every game post Christmas and Newcastle survived by the skin of their teeth on the final day. Even under Rafa the second half syndrome has kicked in….

    • Jezza

      Agreed 100%. If we don’t get promoted it won’t be because of anything that happened in March or April. It will be because of what happened, or didn’t happen to be precise, in January.

      • disqus_KhnZFEY6Z5

        Yes, Jezza and it will also explain why Rafa might not in the technical area at SJP come August. Let’s hope he is……

  • disqus_KhnZFEY6Z5

    As the 10th anniversary of Mike Ashley taking control of NUFC looms, here are the stats for NUFC Premier League peformance since 1993 divided into pre-Ashley and during Ashley. Pre-Ashley Newcastle’s mean league ranking was 7.6 with a best ranking of 2nd (twice) and a worst ranking of 14th. During the Ashley era (assuming Newcastle finish 2nd in the second tier this season which is a league ranking of 22) the mean league ranking is 14.9 with a best ranking of 5th and a worst ranking of (two seasons in the second tier). Conclusion, since Ashley took control NUFC have been transformed from top 8 to bottom 6. Factor in the first round exits from (almost) all cup competitions during the past ten years…………………… Happy 10th anniversary Mike

    • Jezza

      Yes, not forgetting 1993 to 2007, no relegation, 2007 to 2016 relegated twice.