Norwich fans appeared happy that Alex Neil’s reign had come to an end.

Bizarrely timed, the Norwich boss was sacked with the Canaries nine points off the play-offs and only 10 games remaining.

However, any relief felt at Neil’s departure, quickly changed to cold fear as Alan Pardew was named as the big favourite to be appointed.

The Telegraph, Sky Sports, The Sun and others, all reported that the former Palace and Newcastle Manager was the first choice of the Norwich board.

Whilst the bookies have Alan Pardew as low as 4/11 to be named as the new boss at Carrow Road.

Interesting to hear what the Norwich fans have made of it and I think the best bit of the comments below, is that even those who think he might be the best choice – most of them add that they still don’t like him!

Comments from Norwich fans via various Canaries message boards:

‘Alan Pardew wants it – lets get him!’


‘Always thought he was a bit of a…

But I think it could work. Someone who’s experienced but not over the hill.’

‘I don’t want that man anywhere near NCFC.’

‘Please, no.’

‘Why is there such animus against Pardew? He always seems OK to me.’

‘He’s a…

Palace supporting mate was delighted to be shot of him. Always seems to do well to begin with then goes into a slump he can’t get out of.’

‘Pardew? No!

His Wembley dance is worse than Gangnam Balls.’

Not a big fan of his but would do well in the championship.’

‘Hope it isn’t him.’

‘I would be absolutely over the moon!

I don’t like Alan Pardew as a person, I doubt many others do either. He’s a good manager though and would be the most high profile and proven name we’d have probably ever appointed.

Not getting my hopes up though!’

‘Glenn Roeder mk ll’

‘Pardew has had previous success at this level and did do decent jobs at palace and Newcastle. So wouldn’t be surprised if he is the front runner.’

‘Pardew will turn us into world beaters for 6 months then we will win about 1 in 30, then he turns nasty and we are back to square one.

Oh, and he will want about 100million to waste…’

‘Pat Murphy predicts Pardew to be appointed here within 48hrs.

Better get the “we want Gary Rowett” or “we want Mark Warburton” chants loud and clear this afternoon please!!!’

‘He’s ok for the most part from what I’ve seen, but every club he manages in between the decent spells he goes on huge losing runs.

I think I’d prefer the club looks elsewhere imo, the club got it right looking for a young manager on the up, it’s just they went a bit too far into the unknown.’

‘Never liked him in his early days, to often came across as a bit self-satisfied and smug. 

Has mellowed with age, but doesn’t seem to do well for very long as a manager at a club any more.

Might get a good six months out of him, then we would be back to square one.’

‘Please God, absolutely not. His ego is overwhelming. Horrible man. We don’t want that sort round here…’

‘While our resources in the Chumps are reasonable, if we’re aiming for the premier league we’ll again need someone who can make the very most of the relatively meagre budget. Has Pardew shown he can do this?’

‘My fear with Pardrew is that he look to spend money on so called ‘proven’ players and out young talent will continue to be overlooked. I’d also be concerned he’d keep some of the old guard at the club.’

  • Guest 2

    Don’t do it, Norwich!

  • Leicester Mag

    P45due a classic example of the madness of football. The football equivalent of compost, endlessly recycled but we all know the end product

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    2nd only to Mike as the biggest Scumbag in football

  • Geordiegiants

    Shame Bruce hadn’t been sacked, the vile and Pinocchio would of went very well together.

  • GToon

    On a day that has seen us taken to the cleaners by some 16 year old and his mates this is the only thing that has made me smile. Shame if it happens though as Norwich are a good club and don’t deserve him like some other clubs do.

  • Blackburn1066

    I like Norwich as a club and when you think of Pard running there club well ( I am a Newcastle fan I need say no more.)