The fact that despite being relegated we have sold more season tickets than last season shows that there’s a renewed belief in NUFC from Newcastle fans.

A cynical view would say that this has only been achieved because the take up has steadily fallen over the last number of years and that is true to some extent.

However, the thing I’d like to focus on is the fact that it represents the Newcastle fans gradually coming together again, or at least a renewed belief.

The fear of missing out is returning, St. James Park is an exciting place to be again. The Club has become attractive to players for the right reasons. We’ve retained the services of a great football manager because he’s seen at first hand what a great Club we have here when the majority are pulling in the same direction.

It feels like walls have been pulled down, NUFC are reaching out to the community, our online presence has become more engaging. The Gallowgate Flags initiative set up  by fans has been given the club’s support where in the past this may have been shut down once it had reached the stadium.

On the playing side, I think we might see players you’d expect to leave, hesitating a bit. A season in the Championship a short penance for what could be when we get to the Premier League – there’s nothing to fear!

The business done so far and the manner in which it has been carried out, has been the minimum needed for a number of seasons now. It’s not just the first team that has been focused on, there have been numbers added to our much maligned youth set-up. Rafa has shown that transfer dealings don’t always need to be long drawn out public affairs.

It’s not just the swiftness in which the dealings have been done but the timing. How many times in the past have we been waiting right up until the season starts (and beyond…) for a breakthrough to be made. The new lads already here will have the benefit of a pre-season schedule with their new teammates under their belts.

Pre-season preparations have looked good, a lot more organised and for the benefit of the team, rather than the cobbled together tour of the US last season.

Everything seems to have a positive significance this time round. The 6-0 victory over Bohemians got me thinking of the 6-1 reverse against Leyton Orient the last time we were relegated. With lines drawn we found out who was up for the fight, chaotic times, I still marvel at the great job Chris Hughton did that year.

This time we seem together and assured that we’re armed with what’s required to get us back up to where we belong.

Hopefully we’re on a road to success, whether we get there or not I don’t mind, but as long as the journey is fuelled by hope, belief and a few beers then count me in!

Howay me bonny lads!!!

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