Yesterday we brought you the top 9 most memorable Newcastle United moments as picked by Sky Sports.

Today it is a turn to the dark side as we bring you the 11 biggest Premier League nightmares for Newcastle fans.

They are amongst a 160 strong video archive, featuring the most memorable Premier League moments from all the clubs who have featured over the last 23 years.

You can view that entire 160 video archive here and vote for your favourite – the most popular announced on August 21 from votes cast.

However, we have saved you the job if you just wanted to know the Newcastle moments they have chosen to include

The cast of villainy includes Matt le Tissier, Manchester United, Luis Suarez, Sunderland, Stan Collymore, Wayne Rooney, Liverpool, Michael Owen, Dennis Bergkamp, Paolo di Canio….

1993/94 Matthew Le Tissier double – Southampton 2 Newcastle 1

1995/96 Stan Collymore scores winner – Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3

sky sports

1996/97 Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3 (Again)

1998/99 Michael Owen hat-trick – Newcastle 1 Liverpool 4

2001/02 Dennis Bergkamp goal – Newcastle 0 Arsenal 2

2004/05 Wayne Rooney volley – Man Utd 2 Newcastle United 1

2008/09 Kieran Richardson free-kick – Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

2012/13 Luis Suarez scores goal of the season – Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1

2012/13 Paolo di Canio knee slide – Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3

sky sports

2014/15 Jermain Defoe goal – Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

Which moment stands out for you, which would you most dread living through again?

Or have they missed an even more shocking NUFC moment in the Premier League?

Comments and suggestions welcome below.

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