John Carver says Newcastle have been preparing for today’s game against Swansea as though they are playing in a World Cup final.

Asked by a journalist about Daryl Janmaat saying the match is almost as important as the World Cup semi-final he played in last summer, Carver says that’s great just so long as the rest of the players feel the same way…

The Newcastle Head Coach  also says that he can’t waut for the good times to come around….don’t we all!

However, despite six defeats in a row, John Carver says that when you have faith in what you can do, nothing fazes you.

(Journalist) ‘Daryl Janmaat says Swansea game almost as important as World Cup semi-final…?’

“If he thinks that then great, as long as everybody else thinks that – our preparation had been as if we are playing in a World Cup final.

“It has been a great training ground to be on, especially with the sunshine. Everybody is ready to go but I don’t want to talk about it too much because it is cheap talk, you have to do it on the pitch.”


“This is a bad time at the moment, I can’t wait for the good times coming. I have had everything go against me and I understand that.

“When you have faith in what you can do, in your own ability, nothing fazes you.”