If anybody wondered just how bad things were at NUFC, have a look at the image below.

This is the net effect of not properly investing in the squad, gambling on budget transfers, refusing to appoint a credible manager and an owner whose only aim is to get as much personal benefit out of the club as possible.

As you can see, every single team has won at least one match, apart from Hull who at least have draws against their name.

If Mike Ashley continues with his present running of the club, this Premier League recent form table is a knocking bet to be replicated next year over the whole season.

At this moment in time, Newcastle are the worst team in the division by some distance.

Leicester and QPR may be in the relegation zone but I would be amazed if Newcastle don’t get beat by both when they play them in the coming weeks.

Major change is needed but with strong rumours/hints once again that John Carver will get the job long-term no matter the results, is there any hope?

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