John Carver has thanked Sammy Ameobi for saying that he will do everything he can to help Carver get the Newcastle Head Coach job permanently.

The Newcastle winger says that all the players are fighting hard to get the current/temporary head coach the job on a longer term basis.

Carver says he and the Ameobi family go way back and that he needs every bit of backing he can possibly get and nice comments from as many as possible:

Question at this week’s pre-Everton press conference – ‘Sammy Ameobi has said this week all the players are fighting for you to get the job, must be great to hear?’

John Carver:

“It’s nice what Sammy said, I go back a long way with the Ameobi family – Sammy and Shola.

“It’s always nice when people say nice things about you and at the moment I need as many people saying as many nice things as I possibly can.”

Proof in the pudding?:

“I’ll take that as a bit of comfort but the proof will be in the pudding – how the players perform.

“It is very important that every player gives one hundred per cent in every game.”