On match days nowadays, the first thing I tend to look for when the team is announced is … how many of the gruesome threesome are playing?

The gruesome threesome? Williamson, Anita, Gouffran. It’s not that I have anything personal against them – I’m sure they’re kind to children and animals and so forth. But in my humble opinion none of them are good enough to be playing Premier League football.

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So I’ve done a bit of statistical analysis. I’ve looked at each of our 23 league games to date, I’ve looked at the starting line-up and counted how many of the gruesome threesome are listed, and I have compiled the results.

The outcome?

4 league games with all 3 starting – we’ve got 1 point in total = 0.25 points per match.

13 league games with 2 starting – 16 points in total = 1.23 points per match

3 league games with 1 starting – 4 points in total = 1.33 per match

3 league games with none of them starting – 9 points in total = 3.00 per match

You can draw your own conclusions from that.

What it suggest to me is that the results show we have the basis of a very strong team, but are lacking two or three quality players to slot into the squad so that when we get an injury or two we aren’t immediately scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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