There are claims that Derek Llambias has been attacked in a Glasgow bar.

The incident is reported to have happened earlier this week when the Rangers Chief Executive was sitting alone in a city centre bar.

The Sunday People say that Llambias was approached by an irate Rangers fan with a lot of shouting at first, which then progressed into ‘pushing and shoving’.

The People report that according to a ‘source close to Llambias’, that this is now the second time that such an incident has occurred between a Rangers fan and Llambias in a Glasgow hotel bar.

The Sunday People source/sauce added the following;

“Neither Derek (Llambias) nor Mike Ashley can understand why there is hostility to the new set-up at Rangers.

“They want to rebuild Rangers into a strong and exciting team capable of challenging Celtic again and being a force in Europe again but it must be on the back of a strong financial position similar to the one they implemented at Newcastle United.”

Call me Mr Cynical but those quotes very much strike me that this bears all the hallmarks of a planted story, part of a desperate PR campaign by Ashley and his allies to fight off the efforts of opposing shareholders to get rid of the entire board at a special meeting in early March.

Friday night brought the latest mass demonstrations by Rangers fans against Mike Ashley and his allies, including Derek Llambias.