John Carver has claimed that it doesn’t bother him  to have players bought and sold without any input from him and claims that he has had no conversations at all about transfers with anybody senior at the club.

However, he said pretty much the same about the head coach job before he got it and reading between the lines it seemed pretty obvious he knew then more than he was letting on.

john carverCarver also talks about being quite happy with the job conditions and comes across as though he’s one of who has been plucked from the terraces to do the job, rather than the best candidate in the world that Graham Carr and Lee Charnley were supposedly scouring the globe for.

John Carver speaking today ahead of Hull on Saturday;

“I wouldn’t have thought so (whether any first team signing likely to be made in this window?) to be honest, I don’t get involved in it. I have not had any conversations about it though I have had many, many, many conversations about other things with Lee (Charnley).

“My job and my responsibility is to work with the guys on the pitch and I’m quite happy whoever comes in or whoever goes out to deal with what is put out in front of me.”

Quite happy;

“I’m quite happy with that (deal to end of season), I came here four years ago on a four month contract and within a week I had got a five year deal . So getting a short-term contract is something I don’t have a problem with that.

“I’m quite happy with these conditions and I have enough belief in my ability along with the guys. The good news is we are getting players back so our squad is getting stronger and I’m really happy about that.”