Straight to the point, I run a business and everything is centred around customer satisfaction.

Without good feedback our business would struggle and I imagine most companies are like this

newcastle unitedStep in Newcastle United, the business.

Some of us don’t like calling it such but at the end of the day, removing emotional attachment, it is what it is.

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So we all say we love our club, then as a customer why do we put up with shoddy workmanship?

My point is simple, why would you pay for a inferior job carried out in your house? You wouldn’t.

It really is time for all fans to unite and fight for what we believe in.

We are turning into wimps regarding Newcastle United matters, fans should organise and demonstrate together this time for the good of the club.

You would not put up with this in your own home, so come on, let’s show them there is still fight in this old dog called Newcastle United.

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