Two Newcastle players feature in the top ten of greatest free-kick takers in the history of the Premier League.

While Juan Mata tops the list, Laurent Robert features at number ten, with Nobby Solano is at number five.

overseas signingsThe stats have been compiled by ITV and they have looked at the percentages of shots taken from Premier League free-kicks that directly result in goals, this conversion rate then giving us our top 10.

So here are the 10 best free kick takers in Premier League history:

Juan Mata: 28 shots, 5 goals, conversion: 17.9%

Sebastian Larsson: 90 shots, 11 goals, conversion: 12.2%

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink: 62 shots, 6 goals, conversion: 9.7%

David Beckham: 54 shots, 5 goals, conversion: 9.3%

Nobby Solano: 78 shots, 7 goals, conversion: 9%

Thierry Henry: 144 shots, 12 goals, conversion: 8.3%

Danny Murphy: 67 shots, 5 goals, conversion: 7.5%

Ryan Giggs: 73 shots, 5 goals, conversion: 6.8%

Leighton Baines: 76 shots, 5 goals, conversion: 6.6%

Laurent Robert: 154 shots, 10 goals, conversion: 6.5%

We were undoubtedly spoilt in that Sir Bobby Robson era for all kinds of reasons and free-kicks was a big part of that.

Having both Laurent Robert and Nobby Solano, right and left-footed, was a match made in heaven – then for power you had Alan Shearer who scored some rakers.

In Laurent Robert’s case I don’t think the figures do him justice as many of his kicks were from outrageous distances, which even then was often no obstacle to him.

Sadly it highlights the absolute shambles we have today with seemingly not a single Newcastle player capable of taking one.

Yet another training ground failure that urgently needs addressing.

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