Keep you eyes peeled on Saturday for an unusual sight, no unfortunately we aren’t talking about the ball nestling in Manchester United’s net, rather a ‘Magical Misery Tour’ taking place around the streets of Newcastle

A cross-section of fans, with the help of the MAOC (Mike Ashley Out Campaign) are holding an open top bus parade through Newcastle city centre to ‘celebrate’ the achievements of Mike Ashley’s time at the club.

magical misery tour

Get On Board!

A message from the organisers;

The date is significant not because this fixture used to be a high profile game between two top clubs but because April 5th is the end of the financial year and we want to highlight how Newcastle United appears to be more of an accountancy exercise these days than a football club and sporting institution.

The ironic ‘celebration’ will show that the club has achieved exactly what it set out to do in its hopelessly limited aim of Premiership survival whilst not taking Cup competitions or European qualification seriously. Amongst a general feeling that Mr Ashley has nothing to contribute to the progression and growth of Newcastle United, fans also want to highlight concerns over the following  issues:

•             The continued feeling of alienation and exploitation fans feel from the club they love and support

•             Asset stripping; the latest proposed land sale at the Gallowgate End appearing to permanently end any chance of future ground expansion

•             Lack of ambition, direction and investment. Cashing in on our best players, whilst being bottom of the league in team investment over the last 5 years.

•             The free advertising enjoyed by Mr Ashley’s companies inside St James’s Park, which the club have now admitted is seen as an offset to Mr Ashley not charging interest on his non decreasing interest free loan!

•             The continued contraction of NUFC Commercial Revenues making the club appear hamstrung at a time when  Financial Fair Play rules show that revenues will be crucial for growth under the new regulations

•             The financial ‘blackhole’ created by MASH Holdings and the questions which arise as to whether fans’ money goes towards the benefit of the football club.

•             The continued diminishing of the Newcastle United brand and identity.

•             The association of the club with morally dubious sponsors

This ‘event’ is meant to highlight in a humorous way some very serious points about the running of the club. If you’re out and about Newcastle city centre please give us a toot or a wave to show your support.

NUFC needs new direction, new leadership and accountability.

On behalf of the invited bus guests.

MAOC Committee

Keep in touch with what MAOC are up to by following them on Twitter @Mike_Ashley_Out

howaymebonnylads 5pts

Come on Alan man, everyone mistimes a tackle or two.  What you should be saying is it was clumsy and a yellow at best.  It's not like he raked him right down the shin.  These challenges are why shin pads are worn because it happens.  Shearer should be questioning why officials have it in for Mitrovic before the games even kicked off to put some uncertainty in their mind and sticking up for his own!!!

Wayne Clayton
Wayne Clayton 5pts

It's because we are who we are and they are who they are.

No complaints within the letter of the law with the sending off but the application of the same law that was applied to Arsenal was inconsistent.

Spider66 5pts

As soon as I saw who the referee was I knew we were on to a hiding for nowt not from arsenal but the ref I honestly thought we were capable of beating the arsenal until I saw the refs name

TonnekToon 5pts

What is it with the footballing gods and Newcastle ? The ref was a bit too card "happy" today , and  as its been said, he set the tone on 3 minutes  with Sissoko and his yellow . I think all our bookings and the sending off weren't malicious , just clumsy , though Mitrovic's  sending off was coming at some point early this season , it was just a matter of time. Hope he learns from it . On the positive side , we seemed solid enough once again after a lot of sustained pressure at times , their winning goal a lucky deflected OG . They didn't let their heads drop , which was a good sign and if they can stay as solid in future games we should be ok .

John Rush
John Rush 5pts

Wonder if al would have thought the same if it happened to the "united" centre forward rather than mitrovic

1957 5pts

Or when Al kicked the Leicester player in the head and should have been suspended, accidental I think he claimed at the time.

Spider66 5pts

Al would have said that was proper football then. It has got to cissyfied now Rodney Marsh was spot on what he said about it being a no contact sport before long.

AndrewCowley1 5pts

Wasn't a red,the ref obviously had it in his mind about mitrovic before the game began.ruined the game absolute joke

John Rush
John Rush 5pts

Agree he pulled him up in the first minute for an aerial challenge for which you would rightly be laughed at if you appealed for a foul on a sunday morning

1957 5pts

My issue with the referee wouldn't be over the sending off, more his approach to yellow cards. NUFC 15 fouls, 6 cards, Arsenal 8 fouls, 1 card. Similar fouls didn't get equal treatment, Anita tugs someone back, yellow, Thauvin is blocked and pushed off the ball no card.

John Rush
John Rush 5pts

And tell me why is gio booked for waving an imaginary card but its ok for sanchez and giroud to demand one verbally

howaymebonnylads 5pts

@John Rush exactly mate, every time they're rolling around demanding a card why did the ref not give one to them...spineless

The Adelphi
The Adelphi 5pts

I agree with Rodney Marsh for once. They may as well make football a non contact sport if that's a straight red