Each match we ask fans to nominate which eleven players they would choose and the selections against Everton threw up some interesting pointers, especially with regard to Hatem Ben Arfa.

We ran out of time to get the results up ahead of last night’s match but below you will see what percentage of fans voted for each player.

interesting to see that despite being repeatedly ignored for some bizarre reason, even as a substitute in recent times, Massadio Haidara was seen by fans as a slightly better bet than Paul Dummett.

hatem ben arfaHowever, it is Hatem Ben Arfa that stands out a mile, with a massive 86% of supporters thinking he should have started against Everton, while only 33% thought playing effectively a fifth hard working midfielder in Luuk De Jong was the right way to go.

Several thousand vote and so it gives a decent cross-section snapshot of fans’ views on who they think should be in the team and certainly in the pub before the match, there was a massive consensus that Hatem should definitely play.

Against Palace there had been a shocking lack of creativity and only Ben Arfa’s late intervention cut them apart, while against Everton sadly we saw next to no threat until again Ben Arfa was introduced only in the second half, but this time the difference being that Newcastle were already two down and the game was gone.

99% Krul

99% Tiote

97% Sissoko

96% Coloccini

94% Williamson

94% Cisse

88% Gouffran

86% Ben Arfa

85% Mapou

79% Anita

55% Haidara

52% Dummett

33% De Jong

12% Armstrong

8% Steven Taylor

7% Marveaux

6% Shola

3% Gosling

2% Obertan

Should Ben Arfa have started against Everton – tell us what you think.

Brownale69 5pts

He had nowt to do all game except keep it simple and pass the ball got to be the worst team at St James this season. Lets see how GOOD his is at Chelsea. And no after 5-10 mins the crowd doesnt get on the players backs they just sit in silence.

A lex
A lex 5pts

Very harsh article. All things being equal, he'd be one of our two CH, alongside Mbemba. Yes, that may be 'the best we've got', but that's where we are with CH's.

If I'd had as many injuries as him (and they've been pretty major, not 'broken fingers') I'd be delighted to be back and, probably, let my enthusiasm run away a bit.

Yes, he might not be the sharpest tool in front of a microphone, but he's one of very few who give their all and have some feeling for the place. Therefore, Sam, give him a break for such a minor misdemeanor.

LeazesEnders 5pts

@A lex its impossible to be too harsh where Taylor is concerned, if they let Ryder anywhere near this moron we could be relegated.

tino o
tino o 5pts

Hopefully he can stay fit at his best he is a very good defender and hopefully will help our defence communicate and be more organised we've needed someone who talks

BillyfromConsett 5pts

I'm sorry, but I think that this kind of attack is just bang out of order. The player is one of the few who will communicate with the fans. Maybe they all should do as the fat controller and his underlings do - and act as if the fans don't need to be spoken to.

The player came back into the team, and helped us keep a clean sheet - which took us out of the drop zone.

Why should be scrap the bottom of the barrel for someone to make fun out of?

LeazesEnders 5pts

@BillyfromConsett .... why..... because Williamson has gone.

Really come on, Taylor was responsible for Sunlun not being relegated..... with the help of Ryder, wound up the Mackems into a reaction upon his substitution.

We dont need his sort.

Bean 1
Bean 1 5pts

WTF is that all about. the lad gets told by the club that he has to give an interview. Alright, he may blow his own trumpet a little bit but looking at what has been playing in his place (Colo & Wiliamson), i think I would be the same if they interviewed me. At least he's honest and would run through a brick wall for the club.

Keep your pseudo mackem self loathing to yourself mate.

Aldridge Prior
Aldridge Prior 5pts

And who are you like? You're talking S*** and not having to. He's a footballer.

Over the last 5 years I can't think of a time when I wouldn't have Taylor on park.

I can't ever remember seeing him not put a shift in.

Give up with these postings you're boring, lazy and without talent a waste of space.

Maybe have a look and try and emulate a guy called Taylor he plays football for Newcastle United, not the most talented but he always gives his best you'd never question his effort and loyalty and he can be half decent on his day.

Craig9 5pts

He comes out with some silly things, hes a bit annoying and hes a bit daft but FFS give the kid a break, at least hes got a bit of personality and he played his part in what was a huge win in a pivotal game against the backdrop of much worry, tension and negativity in the build up due to the shambles at Everton and the mounting injury problems (rightly so before you say)

There are far too many absolutely pointless, moaning, negative articles even when we have won, scrutinising any little thing. Just adds to the tension and mood amongst fans and pressure for games and serves no purpose

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

If the rest of the team played with the pride and passion Taylor shows when he does play we would not be where we are in the league right now.

Leave the lad alone and let him play,  keep the talking on the pitch Steven.

Jievo 5pts

Do you think the communication from inside the club is spontaneous? The club told him to go out and speak to the paper, local lad who's been at the club a long time gets back in the side and keeps a clean sheet, when morale's this low they're gonna send him out to the press after that. What he said was obviously moronic, but we all know Taylor is a bleeding eejit without any great deal of intellect, you're the fool if you expect him to open his mouth and not let out a load of drivel.

But he's as good as we've got to be partnering Mbemba right now. Let's stay behind him, ignore what comes out of his mouth, congratulate him if he finds good form and helps the team out, and be glad if he can get Colo out of the starting XI. Nobody's asking you to like him, and we all know we need a top CB signing or 3 in the summer. Obviously if his form drops he'll be back out of the lineup, if there's one thing McClaren is better at than Pardew, it's dropping underperforming players. But if Elliot, Mbemba, Taylor and Tiote can keep things even a little bit tighter than Coloccini and Colback have been doing all season, it could make all the difference. Of course, West Brom were hardly a test, but you can only play what the other team put in front of you.

Jievo 5pts

@LeazesEnders @Jievo No arguments there mate, he's a moron of the highest order. But right now he could be a scientologist for all I care about, so long as he can put a shift in at centre half.

As for his place of birth - irrelevant. He's more geordie than I'll ever be, he loves the club and that's what matters. Doesn't always act in NUFC's best interests but if you want an intellectual footballer then we should have kept Willo. Sadly being smart and decent doesn't get you anywhere in the premiership.

Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin 5pts

@LeazesEnders @Jievo Winding up the opposition is fine, it was always part of the game when I played (albeit outside the pro game) and winding opposition fans up is always funny. 

Why not support our players for once? 

LeazesEnders 5pts

@Jievo He's a blithering idiot who thinks that winding up opposition strikers and fans will in some way help you win!

p.s. he was born in Woolwich, that's in London, albeit to Geordie parents who saw fit to return him on the 4.50 from Kings Cross, with a paddington bear tag saying....; 'if found, keep him'.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

Even IF he had the best game that a centre back has EVER had, he's  one person that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone . . .

Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin 5pts

I'm with him on this one, if he'd played all season we'd not be where we are. fitness is a problem with him but that's not his fault. 

Stupid negative piece again, there is very little to disagree with what Saylor said. 

TrevReav 5pts

@Artie Fufkin I'm with you here Artie. People are all too quick to pull the poor lad down. If the rest of the team showed as much passion as he does when he plays, we wouldn't have that hill to climb.

He may have a stupid mouth, but the rest of the slackers can learn something from him.

kes 5pts

He made a good block on McClean to stop his shot, but then Janmaat's last ditch interception prob stopped Berhanio receiving a square ball and scoring towards the end and saved us the win, so you know, work to do Saylor let's not get ahead of ourselves.