Many of you will have tried to get Newcastle v Sunderland tickets when they went on sale on Tuesday, members snapping up non-season ticket seats within hours.

You are never going to be able to satisfy all Newcastle fans because for the derby demand will always exceed supply.

However, what happened straight afterwards leaves an especially nasty taste in the mouth, particularly if you didn’t get a ticket..

newcastle v sunderland ticketsA link on the Newcastle United official website stated;

‘If you have a ticket but can’t make the game, you can sell your seat to another fan on viagogo, the official ticket marketplace of Newcastle United.

Don’t let your seat go to waste. Give another supporter the chance to see the game live if you can’t be there.’

The rules of using the club’s ticket partner, viagogo, state ‘You can list your seat at or above match day price’.

What this means is that you aren’t allowed to charge less than match day price, you have to charge match day price or MORE!!!

So within minutes of the Newcastle v Sunderland match selling out, tickets were on sale at (the Newcastle United approved) viagogo as follows;

Leazes End £120 (£100 + £20 viagogo fees)

Gallowgate End £161.30 (£135 + £26.30 viagogo fees)

East Stand £179 (£150 + £29 viagogo fees)

Milburn Stand £200.24 (£168 + £32.24 viagogo fees)

Basically, if you had a spare ticket and tried to sell it outside St.James’ Park at face value you would very likely get nicked.

However, by using this NUFC approved company you can sell your season ticket for 4 or 5 times face value and due to a loophole it is ‘legal’, although clearly immoral for the vast majority of fans.

I know many other clubs use viagogo or similar companies but that does not make it right.

This is ticket touting on a sickening scale and everybody involved should be ashamed of themselves, including/especially those fans who are ripping off fellow supporters.


We all know what is needed. We don't need emails, transfer summits, financial restraint or endless speculation. We need serious investment, using the money that should be there, at least £50m is owed to the team, with plenty also available for wages. The squad doesn't need assessing Schteve!! Every supporter can tell you what we need, we have been telling fatty and penfold for over two years now, it's glaringly obvious!!!!

Priorities are

2 X CENTRE HALFS (our defence is a joke)

1 X STRIKER (we can't score)

1 X CENTRAL MIDFIELDER (we can go through entire games without creating one shot at goal)

This has become a mantra, and maybe should be a chant at the Gateshead match, if you don't pull your finger out!


The only player we are close to getting is Ivan Toney from Northampton and that will be it


I don't think Ashley and his Merry Men have even heard of half of these players let alone tried to sign them!

How can you sign players when you have no idea about professional football and how it works, or who the relevant players on the market are?

We're relying on a Board consisting of a geriatric chief scout whose only claim to fame is bringing some real duckeggs into the club like Ferrerya, Obertan and Luuk De Jong, a former captain who is only happy to be a mouthpiece for the discredited owner, a below average manager (or is that head coach?) who is mostly and disparagingly known for being The Wally with the Brolly and last, but not least a 'Managing Director' who seemingly can't 'manage' to tie his own shoe laces let alone run a top Premier League club..

Then at the very top we have the man himself, the guy who knows the price of everything and the value of nowt.

Hold hard boys this season, it's going to be a very bumpy journey.


Whatever it takes! Fat man out NOW!