Earlier this week we asked you to pick the eleven players you would choose to face Sunderland on Sunday.

This time, as well as publishing the results of who you think should play against the mackems, we have also put in brackets what percentage of votes each player got before the Liverpool match and it has produced some very interesting comparisons and contrasts.

MD0005_mathieu_debuchy_newcastle_united_nufc_770Coloccini was left out of the voting as it looked like he was out long-term, only for Alan Pardew to reveal yesterday he might even play on Sunday…such is life.

Big shifts in opinion in many cases, here are the results;

100% Krul (99%)
99% Remy (98%)
99% Cabaye (97%)
98% Debuchy (83%)
95% Santon (86%)
93% Tiote (56%)
92% Williamson (46%)
90% Ben Arfa (88%)

88% Sissoko (89%)
81% Gouffran (60%)
67% Steven Taylor (34%)
40% Dummett (13%)
25% Cisse (57%)
16% Anita (47%)

 5% Jonas (11%)
  4% Shola (3%)
  3% Marveaux (10%)
  3% Sammy Ameobi (5%)
  2% Obertan (1%)

  1% Elliot (2%)
— Coloccini (78%)

Betting – NUFC To Win Both Halves 13/2 – Cattermole First To Get A Card 7/1 – Any Goalkeeper To Get Man Of Match 16/1

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NottsToon 5pts

Not gonna happen, shops shut.

nufcmag777 5pts

The questions we have to ask is.

1)Do we need a premiership striker who can score goals-Yes

2)Have we got cover if/when Mitrovich gets injured-No

3)Will Austin be an improvement in our squad-Yes

4)Can we gamble on our current strikers keeping us up-No

5)Should we pay £15mill in order to increase our chances of premiership survival and the £100 mill tv deal-yes

People will agree & disagree with my feelings but this is what i feel & i believe Austin would cause havoc alongside Mitrovich.

NottsToon 5pts

How do you know this? Do you have a source or are you on the sauce?

Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin 5pts

@nufcmag777 I'd love to watch you spend your own money, do you negotiate when you buy a car, house?

We have taken a watching brief with Austin, QPR are struggling financially and frankly worried that they cannot afford his wage and need the money, they HAVE to sell.  No one is willing to pay £15m and only NUFC are really serious. We are likely to put a one and only offer bid with the player now willing to come and when QPR realise that it is the only bid they are going to receive they will cave in and accept.

The spanner is Wham are thought to be offering a player cash deal as they are now short on strikers after Enner Valencia's injury.

Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin 5pts

@NottsToon I'm not going to claim I'm in the know, there are enough of them. In answer, I'm usually on the sauce. 

DownUnderMag 5pts

One good season....that is all people.  Yes he was in a poor side and still managed goals, but would he suit the style McClaren wants to play?  Would he fit in with the rest of the squad?  Would he be willing to join us without wanting silly money??  Is he really worth £15m??  There are a lot of questions around his value and in particular whether he would make a difference.  People assuming one good season means he is now our answer to everything need to look no further than Torres and how he flopped when put into a new team with high expectations and having to fit in to a new style of play. We have much higher priorities than another striker right now...if we get the rest of the side in order then maybe we can think about another striker!

dude 1
dude 1 5pts

Austin I wunder if he can play centre half ? Because that's what we need first and foremost when building a new team most managers start from the back and then midfield making sure your spin of the team is strong, us it's wingers,midfielders,forwards, Mcdoughnut thinks we have good defenders let's not hope I am wrong and we have a centre half coming in before next weekend

NUFC9 5pts

Just out of interest, what do people think Austin would be worth if he wasn't in the final year of his contract?

Good lower league record.  One good PL season. Age 26.  Current club relegated and need to sell.

I'm not sure QPR could expect to get massively more than they are asking now.

NUFC9 5pts

Brinkmanship.  Clubs probably waiting for QPR to blink first.  They have big FFP problems and fines and need to balance the books.  If they don't sell him this month, he'll be worth relative peanuts in Jan with 5 months left on his contract.

Also, if any club did make a serious bid at this stage QPR would possibly stall on the deal hoping to start a bidding war with 4 weeks of the window still to go.  I see someone snapping him up in the last minute when QPR get desperate.

1957 5pts

No board or owner has allowed their club to go for Austin at £15m, not just Ashley. QPR will not get that money for him until/unless desperation sets in for a club at the end of the transfer window.

He isn't as far as I can see in demand with top teams, so is it just the fee or is there something about Charlie football clubs know we don't.

Geordie Zebra
Geordie Zebra 5pts

Think it's the fee related to 1 year left on his contract. Various clubs are trying not to blink and one will win (west ham possibly) and others (us inevitably) will 'not get him over the line'. How familiar.

If we want him and presume he'll do better than what we have, then pay the cash. If we don't, then say so now and publicly move onto that big centre half we require.

I think he'd be a hero up here, but if it is about the cash, I'd rather pay £15m now and get some points in August than pay £13.5m at last knockings and have only scored the odd consolation. Never easy with us lot.