Shola Ameobi made it three goals in pre-season when he scored against Blackpool on Sunday.

Forced off with a dead leg which is likely to mean him missing the St.Mirren match on Tuesday, Shola spoke to NUFC TV after the game.

SholaAmeobi9“It’s been a great pre-season, we’ve worked very hard in Portugal. Nice to see it paying off on the pitch.

It is the same as every season, we’re expected to do very well and as players we put that expectation on ourselves. We know we have good players at the club who can do special things.

It is well publicised that we are trying to bring in a few extra players, so hopefully we can do that to bolster the team and the squad.

Competition for places can only help the team and I have always been a big fan of having more players. It can only make you work harder and prove to the manager that you deserve a place in the team.” 

SteveSmith16 5pts

His wife must be a terrible cook for a fat person if her soufflés are always collapsing in the same way we did in the second half this week.

killyted 5pts

why do we waste time effort and space on Ian gob *hit and Bobby Slaver,lets think positively about our team

Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday 5pts

What a total muppet. can no longer be bothered with the opinions of this moronic gobshite. Fools like him have been well looked after by the game of football, financed by ordinary folk who work long hours during the week, who then choose to spend their hard earned cash to watch over-paid footballers of a weekend. All any football fan asks is for a bit of sport and to believe that their cash isn't wasted on WWE style "entertainment" with fake acting, fake refereeing and to see their team give it a go. None of these ex-footballers give a toss about the game anymore and continue to turn up for freebies, all paid for, and have long since ceased to care about the welfare of the sport they used to bust a gut for before they got onto the gravy-train. This moron continues to think that his mate Pardew did a really good job for us and never addresses the awful statistics of the failure of his tenure as manager. Shut up Ian your time is up.

mrkgw 5pts

Never mind Ian Wright. What about our sad excuse for a player, Moussa Sissoko keep banging on about a move to PSG. The club is in turmoil and all he seems interested in is his next move. McClaren must drop him. For me, his like is the rot within the club and we will never win games unless attitudes improve. Send him to Palace with his fellow countryman in Cabaye. PSG have way too much class for such a wannabe. Dream on Moussa but please, get out of Toon.

mrkgw 5pts

agreed. The Team lacks any will to win. We know why Charnley persists with his bartering and cheap money buys but they dont perform. The sooner he realises that the better.

Porciestreet 5pts


Very sadly, he's an Ashley stooge and he won't deviate from fatty,s brief and thats why we got Mc C and not Klopp.

Porciestreet 5pts

@mrkgw Steve must know by now who the shirkers and jerkers are. If we are going to have a crap season, and it certainly looks that way, dump the bloody lot of them and blood a few kids..  They will run till they burst or drop dead, even if we do lose. Lets at the very least go down with a sword in the hand

toonterrier 5pts

That's one hell of a queue for the toilet. If the fat lad sees that he'll be charging a pound go.

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

How about we get a real manager and let him spend 50 million, instead of Carr and Penfold doing it on Fatty's behalf and as per his instructions? Wrighty needs to shut his smug gob because he understand s as much about NUFC as he does about physics. This is another bloke who said Pardew did a great job here (38% win rate) and fails to acknowledge now that he's at Palace, he is in control of signings and has spent over 30 million since January. 

He's part of the same crowd that Ashley loves, like Wise, Kinnear, Llambias and Jimenez. Southern gob shy@tes.

LeazesEnder 5pts

I guess Wrighty is just trying to get more hits....

...on twitter that is not his face!