Yesterday we were the first to bring you the news that Newcastle strike target Bafetimbi Gomis had failed to attend a meeting with Lyon’s owner to discuss a potential transfer.

Thanks to our people who keep an eye on what is happening in France, including the media over the channel, our main translator Pierre brought us the following from French website butfootballclub;

GEN00130_BT_Bafetimbi_Gomis_Newcastle_United_NUFCOL: Gomis has “blanked” Aulas

Relations between Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas and striker Bafetimbi Gomis are not improving: the two men were meant to meet yesterday (Thursday) to discuss a transfer, the 27-year-old simply decided to not turn up.

“We gave him a letter by hand but he did not come,” said the owner in L’Equipe.

The departure of the French international, desired by his boss, has not moved forward in recent days: the clan Gomis blame the OL (Lyon) for asking too much for a transfer (€10 million + €2 bonus) while OL accuses the player of claiming too a big signing  onbonus and higher salary than what he earns at OL.

We really don’t see how this situation is going to unravel …

Following those revelations yesterday, the situation according to the various media is being presented as this;

Newcastle are claimed to have offered around £5m but Lyon want around £10m.

Gomis is said to be on £65,000 a week but would expect more if he moves.

I think it all becomes a bit clearer as to why Gomis isn’t being paraded yet in a black & white shirt.


magpiefifer 5pts

It all depends on the next game - we have to beat Villa and if Spurs beat Southampton they are guaranteed 2nd,which they will want ahead of Arsenal especially.

There's a long way to go and there are lots of ifs and buts,but at least we are still in the fight! 

BobCOYS 5pts

Spurs fan here. We will want 3 points against Newcastle, simple as that. Anything less than the fight we showed last night is unacceptable. If Newcastle withstand that and get what they need to stay up, fair play, but don't kid yourselves our season is over. We want 2nd and as close to Leiecester as we can get. Its all about momentum and next season so it doesn't stop here.

blacknwhite always
blacknwhite always 5pts

@BobCOYS Nice try BobCoys but if you beat Southampton you'll have 2nd. Your boys will then not want to get injured for Euros and the other lads will be telling their WAGS to pack the sun-cream.

Anyway that's what I hope!!

BTW well done to Spurs on a great season, hoping it would be you if it wasn't Leicester

Lost Soul 1
Lost Soul 1 5pts

I live in Leicester my son was born here. Fairy story. Shows what is possible if you are organised, pace and have an amazing team spirit. People talk about needing a strong core, Leicester personify this to a tee. Makes a mockery of our idiotic transfer policy that has meant we have been found wanting at CB and CF for 2 - 3 yrs.

LeazesEnders 5pts

@Lost Soul 1 ...and clappy things.....don't forget the most important ingredient..... clappy things!

1957 5pts

The big question is will Chelsea be up for the S********d game or was last night their cup final. I've a sinking feeling that the result won't be what we need at the SOL, young Chelsea players getting a run out together with senior players cleaning their flip flops.

On the subject of Clattenburg and his assistants last night, how Spurs finished the game with a full team is testament to their incompetence. Numerous players could have gone for two yellows and some of Walker and Dier's tackles deserved straight reds

Michael Maximus Moose
Michael Maximus Moose 5pts

Congratulations to the Foxes for sticking it up the Billionaire Boys Club !  couldn't happen to a nicer man than Claudio

Worthy Champions

Polarboy 5pts

They'll still want to get second but I'd bet that Spuds will match what Arsenal do away to Citeh when they play Southampton. That would leave it so they could lose against us and Arsenal would need to make up 14 goals in goal difference, i.e. not happening. Arsenal have been atrocious lately and Citeh will be desperate to secure top 4.

ebroglio8 5pts

Hoping they will be demoralised a bit when we play them but they still need to get second place as it benefits them for the champions league.

Eden Hazard also finally seems to have returned to form... That's 3 goals in 2 games (and he didn't have a single league goal before that). Just in time to beat Sunderland hopefully.

The goal difference thing is my biggest concern right now.... If we could just demolish Villa by 4 or 5 goals and Sunderland could take an absolute battering in 1 of their games i'd be feeling a lot more comfortable.

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

Trial by TV has to work both ways, surely? Players get pulled up, yet Refs can cost a team a game (at least) and perhaps survival at worst, and they get away scot free? 

If tv or video is to be an accepted part of the game then it has to apply to the officials too I would say.

JohnyH 5pts

Just about everything in the league has gone in our favour. We've got a great manager, whose given our team a backbone, two winable games left. All down to the players on the pitch now


thomas35 5pts

Yes congratulations to Leicester but how much of a stinker did the ref clattenburg have. How spurs ended with 11 players is a miracle.

I think the ref should be suspended cos he was far too lenient for such a big game. The tackles going in were awful. I bet if Chelsea had more to play for hiddink would be whinging.

Steve1221 5pts

@thomas35  I thought Clattenburg had a great game given the circumstances right up until the last few minutes, there was no excuse for not sending off Dier and Mason could have got a straight red as well.

blacknwhite always
blacknwhite always 5pts

@Steve1221 @thomas35 Steve, it appears you and I watched the same game as I agree with both your comments on Pochetino trying to keep his player away and Clattenburg having a great game under extreme circumstances although Dier should have had a straight red but ref was distracted a minute later with another explosive incident by Mason on Hazard.Spurs and Chelsea were a disgrace last night with their behaviour and yet it is the ref who comes in for the stick.....unbelievable.

When are people going to realise that in life you have to behave yourself first before we call in the ref and police. Stop moaning at authority and take charge of your own actions and I include Hillsborough in that as well.

And a massive Congrats to Leicester, victory for the unassuming person at last!!

1toonman 5pts

You forgot about Arsenal, they'll want to finish above them! So hopefully they'll get at least a point off Southampton or Manc C beat/draw against  Arsenal. Then there's nowt for them to play for against us!

GToon 5pts

And don't forget how well Chelsea played. Hopefully they will hammer the mackems on Saturday too.

LeazesEnders 5pts

Chelsea are cheating b*stards mind, though, but.....

Well done......, I hope there is an FA  inquest into all of them!

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

@LeazesEnders Pochetino on the pitch (never mind the handbags) as was P45 on Saturday. Refs did nowt nor the 4th official.

I'd have more respect for Costa if he decked his opponents (the eye gouging) rather than only reacting like he's been shot while on the pitch if anyone comes within a foot of him.

blacknwhite always
blacknwhite always 5pts

@LeazesEnders @Steve1221 @Sickandtiredstill Hmm clutching at straws there me thinks!! Having said that I watched the Burnley game v QPR when the crowd announcement was made "Please stay off the pitch" yeah right as if that was going to happen!!! Just getting promoted into the Premiership.

It appears no one is trusted any more to behave themselves.