The latest striker that Newcastle are being linked with continually is Bafetimbi Gomis of Lyon.

As we’ve previously reported, Lyon’s financial position means that they are having offload some of their biggest assets, including Gomis who only has one year left on his contract.

GEN00130_BT_Bafetimbi_Gomis_Newcastle_United_NUFCGomis has previously stated that he won’t be pushed out of the club to somewhere he doesn’t want to go and which he repeats again here in this interview in L’Equipe.

However, in this piece Gomis definitely appears to be more ready to accept the reality of the situation and as he says, he wants to leave the French club with his ‘head held up high’.

Gomis would be a real quality addition to Newcastle’s squad and if he is looking for somewhere that he will be able to fit in quickly then Newcastle French contingent must tick a big box on that score.

On the other hand, are Newcastle willing to go for this kind of quality in the transfer window? To me it is a no-brainer in terms of what United need and what this player can offer, especially as he seems to be a decent character judged on his words here.

Thanks yet again to Pierre for the expert translation;

“If I do not find a club that gives me the assurance that I need, I’ll stay. I will ensure that I am ready to help the team. I will try to lead by example because I do not forget that I am privileged. There are far worse things in life.

Plus I want to leave Lyon with my head held up high. I think I gave a good image of myself  here.

I’m going to work and be ready if I am called upon because along with my advisor (Etienne Mendy), there is no conflict. This is what we said to the (Lyon) President on Monday.

What is certain is that I will not be forced to go where I do not want to go and nothing is set in football. Today I can be sidelined and who is to say who starts a game due to injuries, suspensions … I’m at OL, I have not left yet … “

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Roberts Grey Pants
Roberts Grey Pants 5pts

Think the way Colo is being written off by many is pretty harsh. Yes he had a poor season last year but to be honest who didn't? Think he is still more than capable than performing in the Premier League. Would be great to get another top centre half in but I wouldn't have too many qualms with a Coloccini / Mbemba partnership for the time being.

I know we conceded a lot of goals last season but I don't think that can just be blamed on the defence - team didn't defend or play well as a whole.

SeanLynch 5pts

Would be great to get the right replacements in and settled, ready for us to assault the table and push for where we'd like to be. But we're the Toon Army, we're no fools and we realise that it is just wishful thinking and it will take time.

Granted the vast majority of us would have made our first 2 signings centre-backs, but things haven't turned out that way.

What is noticeable however, is the optimism which has crept in since McC started implementing the changes to formation and play, alongside the signing of 3 players, not world class ones, but certainly a step up in terms of class.

Selling a club to prospective players is far easier when you already have an array of quality players on board, and keeping the better players we had is just as important.

Would love to see new additions myself, especially a tall strong beast of a cb, Aymen Abdennour would be quite possibly the best cb we've had in at least a generation, given the option I'd pull out all the stops to get him.

But starting the new season with the likes of Krul, Janmaat and Aarons not having been sold is a bonus which can't be understated.

Happyharrys2011 5pts

Reading below makes me sad. This whole situation is ridiculous. If Jabba had any Intensions of giving Schteve any real money or power, we would have half a dozen decent signings over the line by now. My take on this whole situation is that Jabba is trying to quieten down the storm that's brewing, and by getting Schteve in he has managed it for a few weeks with his schmarmy craic.

Let's see how good he is at talking under pressure when we are getting beat week in week out, because Jabba hasn't given him money for a defence.

DownUnderMag 5pts

Some fans act like McClaren is clueless because he is backing all of his players, it's as if they somehow believe that the manager (head coach) is going to come out and slag players off publicly just because the fans don't like them and then somehow those same players are either going to run away in the huff and never play again or they are suddenly going to give their all for the club?!?!

McClaren is doing a good job of trying to motivate his players and make the best out of what he already has, that is his JOB!!!  Yes he will want new players in of a higher calibre, but he also recognises, as some of our fans should, that Rome wasn't built in a day and that the troops on the ground already have to do a job for this season as long as they are here so he needs them on side!

Geordie Alex
Geordie Alex 5pts

He has stated obvious on defence, need another 2 - 3 at least as we're lacking the back up at full back that jonas and ryan Taylor gave. there is a real lack of quality out on the market in defensive positions , I heard mourinho complaining he is down to 5 and was struggling to find a left back! Let's hope some coaching improves what we've got in short term, and if not let's hope there's more ammo now and we might see some high scoring matches - i like to be optimistic!

Bearsize 5pts

Pardew always said crap like 'we're so vulnerable to losing our top players, i hope a big club doesn't come in for him' really used to annoy me.

Where as mclaren is putting the club in a great bargaining position. U can get an extra 5 million if its your talisman. Go on shteve! All the best moussa!

Toonarden 5pts

We need a TOP class central defender to go immediately in alongside Colo  if McLaren has deemed MBemba not yet quite ready. In a few games MBemba can then replace Colo.

Colo and Lascelles could then be back up (with Dummet as further insurance). Taylor and Williamson should be sold to bring in a few quid which could be used for a couple of young players with potential.


Corkyjohn 5pts

Why would you appoint colo as captain if you then intended to bench him? He's saying theres little chance of replacing him so its likely gonna be Colo/Mbemba for the season

Andgeo 5pts

Steve McClaren: "You can’t win anything with a bad defence".

Obvious response from supporters is, why have the club not done anything about our bad defence then?


Jievo 5pts

@Andgeo Ask his boss. The Jury's out on Steve, but let's not attack him for something he has no say over. He's head coach, and even when we had a manager this has been how the club has worked for years now, we might not like it but need to understand it - the man who picks the team and faces the press is NOT the man who buys and sells players.

prestondave 5pts

Is he not on the board of directors? If he is then he does surely have a say on incoming players?

Roberts Grey Pants
Roberts Grey Pants 5pts

@Andgeo At least it sounds like it is something they are aware of which is a start. Don't really think it is fair to criticise or evaluate our summer business until the window closes.

Jievo 5pts

@prestondave Yes, he's on the board, but the whole point of changing to the Head Coach model was so that the manager could do his job without criticism for transfer (in)activity. I'm sure he has some say, he clearly has more of a backbone than Pardew, we'd never have gotten these players in and kept Sissoko et al this long under Pards, but at the end of the day I'm quite sure that Steve can tell Charnley he needs players til he's blue in the face, but if Charnley decides not to or the money isn't available from our great dictator, then McClaren's job is quite clear - get over it and get back to work. Sitting in on board meetings isn't the same as being allowed to go out there with a blank cheque and strike deals himself.

amacdee 5pts

@Jievo "but let's not attack him for something he has no say over"

Apart from the grammatical error there Jievo ;-) you're also wrong in making the assumption SM's a bottle washer and not the head cook ?

OK Fatso has control of the wallet but SM has as much clout within the four man Board (makes me laugh every time I read that) as the rest and he should know how he wants his squad to pan out. None of the others have their bollox on the line if this fails so SM has to drive the project forward and pronto. Then either the Fatman backs him or sacks him ? There are no halfway options.

Gotten ? Really ? Are you in the US ?

Jabsy2731 5pts

He is saying all the rite things

Happyharrys2011 5pts

Talking the talk is one thing, but can he walk the walk. Or is he just gonna be dancing to Jabbas tune.