It says a lot for how low the morale has got at St.James’ Park this summer when many fans have just been grateful that Joe Kinnear has kept his thoughts to himself after a number of spectacularly bad interviews, when he embarrassed himself and everybody who cares about Newcastle.

Joe_Kinnear_Newcastle_United_NUFC_05 (2)The fact not a single player has been recruited and the Premier League begins in less than three weeks time, almost became an afterthought where the name of Joe Kinnear was concerned. The fact JFK himself said he was in charge of player recruitment has at least given the likes of Alan Pardew some breathing space and indeed the manager has no doubt taken great pleasure in his much repeated recent comments, urging Joe Kinnear to get some players ‘over the line’.

Joe is back though and while we still don’t have any signings he has given another interview. Thankfully he has managed not to insult the fans when speaking exclusively to The Mirror and rewriting history has also been given a rest.

However, you may or may not still take what he is saying with a pinch of salt.

“My job is simple, bring in quality players who will give the manager more options.

I have worked at the club before and I know what Newcastle means to the fans, they have a passion for Newcastle and so do I.

Last season was a disappointing one but the simple truth was that the squad just wasn’t strong enough.

What we don’t want to happen again is for the club to be worried about relegation with a couple of games left.

What I see in the long-term is help to put together a squad to get this club back into the Champions League.

We just need to bring in more talent.”

It all reminds me of sitting in the pub and chatting to friends about starting a new fitness regime and healthy diet, then getting more beer and crisps in.

281_silver_anniversary_special_grandeWhat I mean is that I agree with almost everything Joe has said; the squad clearly wasn’t strong enough last season, it was a shocking year, the club need to bring in more talent, a club like Newcastle should aim long-term for Champions League and no we shouldn’t be relying on Swansea winning at Wigan to save us from relegation.

The only thing we are missing so far is something actually been done to put the above right!

As it stands, Newcastle have a weaker squad than that which finished last season, with Simpson, Harper and Perch leaving and no new signings.

Why an interview such as this is taking place at this point must be open to question.

Surely you should be making the extravagant claims above on the back of some actual action, then JFK could well say something along these lines and I’d happily slap him on the back;

“We feel the quality centre-back, goalscoring winger and two strikers will make a massive difference next season, they will massively strengthen last season’s squad that was clearly too weak, ensure no relegation battle and help us move towards our long-term aim of competing in the Champions League again.”

I must admit it also winds me up when somebody like Kinnear talks about being like us (Newcastle fans), it is a hideous and fatally flawed attempt to try and butter us up.

We don’t expect he or any other manager or Director of Football, or anybody else at the club, to be just like us.

All we ask of them is to do the best professional job possible on our behalf, here’s hoping.

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Champaz 5pts

I've wanted to see Mclaren try 3 cb's and wing backs for a while now, mainly becausei think Haidara gets caught flat alot when playing fullback but how can you think Mitrovic is guaranteed a start when Perez looked very tricky last game?

Hughie 5pts

Interesting concept to play 3 CBs. Likelihood is that we will have about 30-40% possession, so decision is whether to try to stifle that or to play a more attacking lineup. I don't think we can compete with Arsenals keepball, but it needs chasers like Anita to rattle them (like Liverpool did the other day). Therefore I would not play Sissoko who is lazy defensively. I'd play with pace on each wing --ie Thauvin and Obertan (who unlike Sissoko does mark back), with Mitrovic up front if Mertesaker and Koseilny are out. Two harrying midfielders would be Colback and Anita, then Perez or Wijnaldum (if he can do that job??). Back four Janmaat, Mbemba, Collo and Dummett if he's fit.

NatTurner 5pts

Does Gigi really pick himself already? For me he's been the least impressive of the big four signings, which speaks to how exciting the other three look.

Tradge 5pts

Surely switch Thauvin and Sissoko around, Moussa is best utilised through the middle whereas Thauvin is a natural winger!

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

That team looks good to go, for me, Sam…I’d be be happy to see it starting against the Gooners…Janmaat and Haidara can add pace to the attack, and we’d be tight at the back…midfield ticks all the boxes for me…Thauvin, and Mitro up front,”Say No More”…(to coin a phrase from the immortal Geordie comedian, Eric Idle)

Steve1221 5pts

Not a chance in hell we'll play 3 at the back, it'll be the same setup as last week with Janmaat coming in for either MBemba or Taylor and Thauvin replacing Obertan.

killyted 5pts

yep good strong team,the only change I would make is go with a back four,leaving out colo,and play perez just off mitrovic

stepaylor 5pts

Drop colocinni the club captain after his best game in years?

stepaylor 5pts

Not to mention play a very inexperienced at premier league level non english speaking mbemba with an often rash stevie taylor?

killyted 5pts

@stepaylor  you have just said it best game for years,all of last season he was rubbish any team with pace will kill him,young mbemba spoke very good English on tv I thought we were playing football not giving English lessons.anyway just my opinion oh by the way I have been in the pro game possibly some idea

stepaylor 5pts

You think taylor is quicker than colocinni over 6 yards? Not to mention superior decision making/reading of the game?

Not arguing mate i appreciate your replies and input i just feel more confident with colocinni over taylor.