Yesterday we brought you news from France that Lyon had knocked back Newcastle’s offer of £6.9m but that the Lyon owner claimed negotiations were still ongoing and looking to be heading for a successful conclusion.

GEN00130_BT_Bafetimbi_Gomis_Newcastle_United_NUFCHowever, this morning has brought claims from France that Newcastle have actually pulled out of negotiations and that they will now concentrate fully on Remy.

As for Gomis, there seems little doubt he will leave Lyon, the only question being to which destination? In the meantime the old trick of making him play with the reserves is being used to try and help him on his way.

Thanks as always to Pierre for the expert translation from L’Equipe.

Newcastle lâche Gomis

Newcastle drop Gomis


Bafétimbi Gomis s’entraîne avec la réserve lyonnaise depuis la reprise. (L’Equipe)

Bafetimbi Gomis is training with the reserves since the restart of the season. (L’Equipe)

After seeing their latest offer of eight million euros rejected by Lyon for the transfer of Bafé Gomis (27 years, under contract until 2014), Newcastle have decided to terminate the negotiations. The Magpies are likely to continue discussions with QPR for the loan of the French international striker Loic Remy.

Roysten59 5pts

What a great account of things. If mcclaren has any sort of power over this captaincy, ("which I personally don't feel he does since colo's bew contract! I also don't see him having the power to drop the captain or any top earner as this would be like not advertising your top range") surely it's time to set an example and make the sacrifice and show the other players that no one is to good to be dropped if playing under par.

SteveSmith16 5pts

They're a bunch of work-shy cowards.

Examples need to be made of the whole squad.

Put all names into a hat, including McClaren and the coaches and sack every 5th names drawn out. No exceptions.

Shock the whole squad back to life and fill all positions with suitable replacements. And that's me being lenient.

A Roman style decimation would be too good for this sorry lot.

Alsteads 5pts

I watch Dummett and Janmaat doing the same now. If Dummett had of stood facing then it would never had went in off his back. They are an absolute disgrace to the shirt and sooner or later something has to give.The times we have let these pathetic excuse of players off the hook has to be the final time. I just wish we had went down last season so we could see what FCB really wanted to do. I will take relegation if there is any chance of ridding the club of the whole sorry pathetic shxte that is criminally going under the name of Newcastle United at the moment.

Elliott (for his endeavour only) aside every single one of those players are a disgrace 

1957 5pts

When Colo eventually leaves us he will have his choice of parts in a Wizard of Oz musical for he clearly has no brain, no heart and lacks courage.

Of all the decisions made at NUFC over the last few years retaining him with a new contract is one of the worst. He should have been allowed to leave in the summer and been replaced, almost anyone could have done better, he has had no commitment to  NUFC for a long while and as a captain doesn't even give the impression of leading by example as some within the club have always claimed. 

jimblag 5pts

It shouldn't even matter about the captain, if you're a footballer, especially a pro one, you try your hardest!!