You can only go on what you see but it is interesting to see how the transfer market is playing out for Newcastle United, though it would become extra exciting if anything actually happened.

The main interest is the relationship between Alan Pardew and his new boss Joe Kinnear.

AP_AlanPardew_Newcastle_United_NUFC0001While the manager is clearly desperate for much needed extra players, he does seem to be enjoying the fact that Joe Kinnear has made absolutely clear to everybody that it is he (JFK) who is totally in charge of transfers and that he himself has none.

So you get comments like Alan Pardew made yesterday, where he makes it abundantly clear that he needs players and that it is Joe Kinnear’s responsibility to bring them in, or not as the case may be. This is what the manager said yesterday on the subject;

“Graham Carr and myself have given Joe (Kinnear) our targets…but they’re difficult to get over the line and I’m sure Joe’s trying to be very patient in trying to get the right player for us.

That has been no problem. Joe’s job is to make sure that I get the support I need and he is trying to do everything he can in order to do that.”

It is obvious that we need a player or two and hopefully he can do that that. We are in good shape and we have a strong squad, we just need a little tip over the edge to give us that depth we need.”

Despite making it clear last summer that he desperately needed a number of players, Alan Pardew was then happy to waffle on after the transfer window closed about how it was actually a good thing players weren’t brought in because it gave the young players more opportunities.

This time I just don’t see how that can happen again, with James Perch sold against his wishes it will surely put Alan Pardew in a very strange position if at least ‘one or two’ aren’t hauled ‘over the line’, with the help of Joe Kinnear’s ‘patience’.

Conman 5pts

You really couldn't make it up.

Everyone knows these two needed replacing 2 months ago They are the weakest part of the table. Pathetic shambles.

Kazie23 5pts

The best partnership would be Williamson and Mbemba

Milo79 5pts

McClaren is starting to spout some of the same shite we heard from Pardew and Carver. 'Everything's fine'. 

stepaylor 5pts

Taylor has ability but also is a liability, williamson lacks acceleration and doesnt make good decisions sometimes. Its incredible that they will be our centre back pairing against Southampton. Were actually lucky as they match up ok against the higher ball attack the saints play with graziano pelle.

What happens when they play against pace which is at least every other game in the premier league. Mbemba will replace one of them quite quickly. As soon as he has had time to get comfortable with the team.

We can beat southampton if our defence get to grips with pelle strength. We have the players to create chances and hopefully we start taking some of them

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag 5pts

If this assumption is correct, it will be another long season, they are the two worst center halfs in the premier, ive been watching newcastle since 1965/66 and Williamson is the worst center back I have seen in a black and white strip and there have been some bad ones, for some reason the club has never got this position right, we have never had a real dominating pairing, even in the 90s when we had the best team ive seen playing for us, we still never sorted it out properly, the nearest we came was when we bought woodgate, but unfortunately it never worked, as he was a class act, but his body never stood up to the rigors of top flight football.

anybody who thinks that this pairing is good enough and I include McClaren in this, should not be alowed near a premiership football team, as they don't know what they are doing,,, our main priority at the end of last season should have been to bring in two decent center backs,,

desree 5pts

Based on past experience I predict;

Steven Taylor sent off stroke of half time, deliberate handball from a harmless corner when at 0-0 go in 1-0 down and 10 men

mitrovic taken off, replaced by mbemba. williamson sent off 90th minute professional foul when we are 1-0 down and no chance of a result.

Mbemba plays a blinder but hands in a transfer request as he has got a young geordie lass pregnant. His dads club in DR Congo offer him a contract but can't pay a fee or his wages.

Hughie 5pts

Willo and Taylor odds on to start--unbelievable!!

Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin 5pts

Is there a question whether Chancel Mbemba will be ready for Saturday? There is still some paperwork to complete. I think we'd ideally see Chancel Mbemba & Taylor start but we may just be a week too early. 

It is all guess work, I do think Mbemba will make a huge difference, he's got mobility that will make up for Collo's / Talors & Williamson's shortcomings. 

keeganRescueUs 5pts

Absolutely no evidence this is going to happen, an educated guess at best

Ring around Uranus
Ring around Uranus 5pts

I would like to see Hariis Vuckic play at CH. He has everything a modern day CH requires. Tall, Good on the ball.

I remember Steven Howie being converted from CF and he went on to play for England .

Geordie Zebra
Geordie Zebra 5pts

Don't be daft. Cannot make it in his own position, never mind somebody else's. Mbemba plus a new signing is our only option for everybody's sanity.

tkSteveFOX 5pts

My mind is riddled, how can you possibly consider playing Williamson and Taylor in an EPL game?
Man, just buy two Serie B or Bundesliga 2 CB`s from team of the year and they will do 1000 times better.
I`m OK with having Taylor(not so sure about Mike)as cover on the bench, but seriously, against Costa/Hazard, Rooney/Depay, Aguero/Silva .... are you frockin serious Steve mate?