The Cisse shirt sponsor saga has summed up Newcastle United’s summer so far.

No doubt there will be nobody more relieved than Alan Pardew when he heard the news.

PC0008_Papiss_Cisse_Newcastle_United_NUFCWith no signings looking imminent, if Cisse had been ‘Wongad’ out then where exactly we’d be looking for goals would be anybody’s guess.

This is what the manager had to say to the Shields Gazette about the resolution of the problem and where Cisse is at fitness wise;

“It has been resolved and I’m very, very pleased.

Papiss is in good condition, it (missing Portugal trip) isn’t going to affect him.”

Alan Pardew hasn’t confirmed whether Papiss Cisse will play a part at Blackpool on Saturday but with only three weeks until the Premier League kicks off it would make sense to get him on the pitch as soon as it is sensible and at last have a focus for United’s attacking play as they prepare for the coming campaign.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

Hey man LeazesEnder… why not get interested in football for a change instead of having your unhealthy obsession with the money (like Ashley before the reformation)?…

...those figures you’re quoting there mean nothing at all…because the value of players is governed by the ‘Laws of Supply and Demand’…

...and just wait a few more days to see it yourself in operation for yourself…remember Andy Carroll???

LeazesEnder 5pts

Here is another figure for you, from all of the players in this league, the value of players in  the premiership table, from

Where do you think the first United player comes?  top 20? ...No ..... top 40?....NO.....60?....No.....

74th place and its Sissoko (based on objective valuation not cost)

That's quite Interesting

And a table showing the value of each squad will have us.... at've already guessed....10th

Bean 1
Bean 1 5pts


I'm with you on this one Leazes Ender. I won £631 at the bookies on Saturday but my mate won £820.


LeazesEnder 5pts

@Bean 1 @LeazesEnder No you're not and no you didn't.....

Overall it is the value of your squad which you should measure, not how much you spend in the window!

.... and your relationship with the bookie.... I know who will be the happiest!

Bean 1
Bean 1 5pts

@LeazesEnder @Bean 1 

I have never measured football by how much the team is worth, only by how I feel when I leave the ground after the match. If I've seen a good game and the team have put a shift in, I leave happy, regardless of the monetary value of the team.

No wonder you're so bitter if you only enjoy watching numbers on a spreadsheet instead of a good game of football. Oh, I did win £631 at the weekend but my mate didn't really win £821. And as for the bookie, if he can afford to live on the £5 accumulator I put on once a week, then fair play to him. 

Steve1221 5pts

You really place a lot of value on that website dont you.

v0ices 5pts

@LeazesEnder be interesting if they showed net spend since ashley arrived i think it would show the club still in the black.

Bean 1
Bean 1 5pts

@v0ices @LeazesEnder 

Of course we're in the black, that's how they've been able to get away with the net spend without breaking the Fair Play rules. There's no point dwelling on the past and spouting facts and figures about how bad things have been, we are all well aware of that. The point is, someone has decided we need to do something about it. (and I'm in no doubt it is self preservation on Ashley's part as he messed his pants with our flirtation with relegation AGAIN). But the fact is, for whatever reason, we have spent a bit of money and I've quite enjoyed the by product thus far. 

LeazesEnder 5pts

@Bean 1 @LeazesEnder oh really, congrats then....I do the accumulators as well last week I took five draws in the prem, including United at Manchester, unfortunately I was let down by West Ham, I got £3.50....

I'm not miserable or nasty, I don't know where you get that idea from?