The President of Argentine club, San Lorenzo, has announced he is flying to England to try and tie up a deal for Fabricio Coloccini.

Sky Sports are reporting that the President, Matias Lammens, has claimed that Newcastle should now ‘..think about what is best for the player, that need to go back home.

Lammens said;

FabricioColoccini18“I have the intention of meeting with Fabricio and talking about the conditions of his move to San Lorenzo.

We understand Newcastle don’t have too much interest in the summer other than keeping Coloccini in their squad.

They’ve managed to escape from the relegation zone, so they’ll now think about what is best for the player, that need to go back home.”

I must admit to not holding out great hopes for our captain staying, when he was prepared to walk away from a relegation battle halfway through a season then surely the writing is on the wall.

However, we live in hope.

Just as we do with San Lorenzo whose behaviour was shocking in January in terms of doing their best to make the situation as messy as possible to seemingly try and get Colo for next to nothing.

These latest very public comments don’t suggest there has been any improvement in the behaviour of our friends at San Lorenzo.


grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

DO yourself a favour son take the girlfreind / wife christmas shopping at 4pm on Sunday  

Chemical Dave
Chemical Dave 5pts

How does the author know Cabaye refused to play ? Because Fraudew said so ? I wouldn't believe that bloke if he told me it was Monday. He may well have refused to play but only part of the story there I'd wager.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@Chemical Dave Agreed. Generally when a bid comes in for a player and that player subsequently disappears from the team sheet, there is only one reason for it. I still believe Cabaye was sent off by the club to discuss terms with Arsenal while Kinnear tried to hammer out a fee in the region of £20 million. The refusal to play story was just a smokescreen in my opinion.

Big Al 1967
Big Al 1967 5pts

@Jezza_NUFC @Chemical Dave  When Cabaye was questioned about the 'so called strike' his response was 'talk to Joe Kinnear' The club and JFK remained silent. So to all those Cabaye haters out there (for the record I would have had him back this summer in a heartbeat) ask yourselves this. Do you seriously believe anything that the current regime tells us bearing in mind it has already been proven in a court of law that they are economical with the truth?

ash1001 5pts

Jonathan your 20 I am 76 so that's at least another 56 years of suffering you have to catch up on, excluding the Fairs Cup and the Keegan years, following NUFC is one of life's experiencing not matched by anything else, and at the present time I cannot see things getting any better. We have an owner, who sad to say seems to get pleasure from seeing us suffer, aided and abetted  by what has to be simply the worst footballing management setup of any team in the Premier League.  Charnley promised to be more vocal a while ago when he had the meeting with the Chronicle during which he lifted the banning order, so now we have the Chronicle protecting there 'Tea and Buns regime', left right and centre.

As for the Footballing Board, well I am pleased to see Charnley been more vocal Oh for an Alan Sugar and a 'McLaren your fired' but very much doubt it will happen, my face to face meetings with Charnley would rank with the general assessment of Colo at the present time, Bob Moncur must have no pride what so ever to sit there and seemingly say nothing- principles out of the window I think Bob, what a shame. Then we have the magnificent Mr Carr, well somebody mst think he good, maybe his son. That leaves our 'theres no panic' manager, mmmmm bring them in on a Sunday looks like panic to me, or was it a case of notebooks down their backsides and a few sharp slaps with the ruler, for been naughty boys the previous day, Dummett was excused that punishment as he spent best part of the match the previous day either on his back side or allowing the ball to bounce off as he turned his back on it.

So Jonathan, enjoy supporting 'The TOON', start wring your autbiography now because you will have plenty to write about over years, 

Bearsize 5pts

Play mitro cisse together. Actually that sounds terrible. A year in the championship to really clear the decks is needed. Another 50mill loan off ashley to add to the debt. Rinse wash repeat

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

@Bearsize  1 / It will be a lot longer than a year in the championship, unless your right I can see us slipping straight down another division.

2 / There is no Debt, Ashley is a sole trader /owner of NUFC, you can not owe yourself money.