WThat was the most disgusting challenge i have ever seen.

In fact it wasn’t even a challenge. The word challenge would suggest that there was an element of competition, something being competed for. That was just an assault.

I don’t know what our fans who were at the game made of it but sat at home watching the game on Sky I have seen it to the point of feeling so angry, that I have looked at all of Wigan’s remaining fixtures in the hope that they get relegated.

The Sky microphone picks up the cry of pain as soon as Haidara’s knee is smashed into. Disgusting. Perhaps even worse is the hero treatment afforded to the little thug as he leaves the pitch. A standing ovation from their fans and firm handshakes all round from his manager and the other clown stood next to him.

Relegation would be a fitting end for this lot.

Martinez has since been on the TV/Radio saying what a lovely bloke McManaman is and how he wouldn’t hurt anybody and how they have had injuries to their players. Does he think that somehow makes it ok then?

Hopefully any neutrals will turn against Wigan and the luck that allows corners to be ignored and handling the ball allowed, will run out on them. I just hope Haidara is ok and wish him a speedy recovery.

jimblag 5pts

You've answered yourself in the article mate, it doesn't make a difference what league we're in. He'll be handy in either division. We've improved since he's come back, if he's first team or squad it doesn't matter he can do a job.

macandmarge 5pts

Sorry...Terrific Squad Player...lets not make the same mistake as with Simpson and dare i say it Gosling

JD_100 5pts

Judging a full back is not easy. Look at our history...Danny Simpson, rarely crossed the half way line and defensively was decent if not left one on one, which rarely happened. His positioning was good. Yet with Debuchy, his defensive frailty was masked by his attacking and him aggressively going tight on the winger. While Debuchy was individually better and perhaps created more, the season we finished 5th it was Simpson and has clearances off the line that won us more points. Similarly, Enrique was a better player than Ryan taylor but Ryan masked his weaknesses in defence and won matches for us through his assists and goals (more than Enrique). Dummet has decent pace and he matched Townsend last season and a few other quick players . He can't attack and distribution is poor but like Simpson, he can't be undervalued. His teamwork is key and who they play in front of him. The sort of defender I would want if I had Ben Rafa playing in front of him. Also the reason Townsend janmaat combo hasn't worked so far imo. Would people rather have a Moreno who looks good attacking and another option in attack but has cost his side more goals than he has created or scored.

The Nut Job
The Nut Job 5pts

In this game you have to be fast in the 1st 5 yards, the rest doesn't matter

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

@The Nut Job    So if he’s attacked up the wing, crossed, but the opposition win the ball in their area and come out quickly on the counterattack, a FB only needs to run back fast for the first 5yds, and then he can ease up getting back, the rest of the way…is that what your saying?

tkSteveFOX 5pts

Dummett is a good CB and an adequate fullback. He plays with passion and has much to learn.
Just hoping he doesn't turn into a second Stevie Taylor.

LeazesEnders 5pts

Confirmation that Rafa isn't staying by all accounts.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

This is total rubbish on all counts, and exactly the kind of rubbish we saw written on here regularly about Danny Simpson…that he’d never make PL level, and we needed somebody a few levels up in that position…well we got him Debuchy, but he thought himself too good for us…

...until he disappeared off the radar… 

...did anybody at the Mag ever hear what happened to Simpson, then, cos he was just Championship level, wasn’t he?

ChrisEdwards_81 5pts

@wor monga Love to see people not just following the vocal minority and jumping on the Dummett bandwagon. I think the larger, quieter majority can see that Dummett, when fit, is a solid left back that can do a very good job as a defender. Good point about Simpson as well as he had the same people calling him. Good, honest professionals that give 100% for the shirt and after the tripe we have been watching for the past few years of so called better players with no heart I know who I would rather watch.

ChrisEdwards_81 5pts

Why are you confused? "So has he 'signed a long-term deal’ or is he ‘set to earn an improved deal’?" The answer is in your article. It says he has signed an extended contract on an improved deal. I am also sick of people complaining about his pace. Dummett has been clocked as the joint 4th fastest player in the Premier League this season. Don't believe me? go to 


I think he is exactly what Benitez would want. A defender first. He likes his defenders to defend and then play two holding midfielders. A solid base for the remaining 4 players to create and score goals. In my opinion Dummett is better than the likes of Janmaat in that he actually does what he is there to do, defend. 

It's Bobbi Fleckman
It's Bobbi Fleckman 5pts

@ChrisEdwards_81 Very true, I think KK said that players should never have to ask for a new contract if they are doing it one the pitch. Dummett is a good player, he's fast although may not be the fastest over 4-5 yards which is why the 100m figures may be a little surprising. 

SteveSmith16 5pts

He's not a bad player and he might well have been given a new deal with him being a squad player in mind. We don't know what salary he was on before and getting somebody else in as a squad player may well have cost more.

Kazie23 5pts

Paul Dummet is a descent squad player and gives everything to this club..if we get relegated he'll definitely be with us next season and will probably be the best left back in the championship.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

@Ricardinho9       Well pointed out…and from the article there were only 3 players faster, and 2 of those were stars of the league champions, Leicester…speed makes the difference in the modern game…and Dummett has plenty of it!!!