GEN0053_Red_Square_Newcastle_United_NUFCThere were a reported 72 Newcastle United fans who officially made it to the match in Moscow tonight and Alan Pardew has paid tribute to them after the match.

Pardew has also asked for the fans to fill St.James’ Park and be the proverbial twelfth man, this is what he said about them to the Newcastle United TV Channel;

“We saw a few of the fans in Red Square earlier today, nice to see them, a great effort because it wasn’t easy to get here.

It wasn’t one of the greatest games because we were both technically sound and limited the chances.

Hopefully pleased with the result and they’ll have a safe journey home.

We’re going to need a lot of fans in St.James’ Park because they’ll make a difference, they are a really good team with four five top top players”.

Personally, I think it would be a great PR gesture, and the right thing to do, if Newcastle United refunded each of those 72 fans £XXX of what they’d roughly have paid to do the trip. These are the real hardcore fans and a gesture like that would represent another big step in closing the gap between Mike Ashley/the club and the supporters.

The club will have the details of the 72 so it isn’t like they are opening the floodgates for where there’s roubles there’s a claim.

At the very least why not invite the 72 into the directors box for the home leg, it would create the kind of positive publicity you just can’t buy.


  • Jamie Hardesty

    A good friend of mine went to the game and consequently can’t afford to go to Wigan away now. Whole thing cost him close to a grand, if I find that anything is given by the club I’ll send Mark an email as it’s interesting to see ig anyone at the club act on Pardew’s words. Of course they could put it on the official website, would be a great PR stunt…

    • A good idea to refund the travelling fans. Should come out of Ashley’s magmanimous bank account asap! Slap up in the directors facilities next home game too. A just tribute to welcome home all the travelling heroes not just the team.

  • Didn’t the Metalist owner charter 3 planes to bring 500 Russkies to the toon ? Now THAT’S a real PR coup !