SJP1The latest changes to Newcastle’s remaining matches have just been announced and there are two matches moved for the benefit of the armchair audience.

Predictably the home match against the mackems is to be televised but the change to the schedule is minimal, kick-off was originally scheduled for 1.30pm on Saturday 13 April and the match remains on that day, but kick-off is brought forward 45 minutes for a 12.45pm start. That match to be shown on SKY.

The other game to be moved is the home clash with Liverpool which should see another sell-out, again the change to the match is minimal, the date remains Saturday 27 April but the kick-off is now 5.30pm instead of 3pm. That match is to be screened by ESPN.

However, on the official NUFC website there is a rather strangely worded proviso;

‘However, the Liverpool game will move to Sunday 28 April with a 12 noon kick-off, and remain live on ESPN, should Liverpool reach the Europa League semi-final’.

Having checked the fixtures I can’t see any special circumstances that apply to only Liverpool, so I assume someone should be having a bit more faith and added ‘or Newcastle….reach the Europa League semi-final’.

The scheduled semi-final dates for any clubs getting that far are Thursday 25 April and Thursday 2 May.

Here’s hoping!

***We’ve just had word back from Newcastle United and if either Liverpool or Newcastle (or both!) get to the Europa semi-final, then NUFC v Liverpool will be a noon kick-off on Sunday 28 April.

  • that is a strange way of wording it!

  • Premature

    We all know that the club don’t care about the Europa. He put it behind the FA cup, and you saw how poorly we surrendered that.

    At the end of the day, as with anything at this club under big ash, it’s all about the wonga!

    If we qualified for the champions league, then we probably would have bought those players in the summer and gave it a good go. But, because the financial rewards are so low in the Europa, we didn’t and we risked our premier league survival by stretching the already thin squad. The extra money we spent in January should have been spent in the summer and we would have made some extra money finishing in higher places.

    But, what if by some miracle we made the Europa League again this year, what would happen next?

    Mike didn’t factor making Europe into one of his many five year plans.